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Listen to a radio station demo of Point of Law

Point of Law
has been a success in radio since 1952!! This feature undeniably hooks your listeners, demanding their undivided attention and satisfying your long term sponsors.

Point of Law
is a three minute daily program featuring compelling courtroom cases and fascinating legal decisions that affect all our lives.

Point of Law is also a perfect vehicle for advertisers who want placement within a program that listeners cannot tune out.

Provide your listeners and sponsors with interesting
and entertaining programming!!!!!

Your target audience will be compelled to hear the final outcome of each and every "Point of Law" decision. Each episode of "Point of Law" is an intriguing and controversial real life courtroom case that your listeners can easily understand. No confusing legalese!! And each episode is entertaining!!


Today, law-oriented issues and law-oriented TV shows are at the forefront; "Point of Law" is a natural element for your programming needs. So e-mail
Dave Adams
or call
(800) 229-7234 for the original, the real
"Point of Law".

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