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719 Battery Street  |  San Francisco, CA 94111   |   (415) 956-3118  /  (800) BAY-RADIO

TransMedia is a full-service
digital audio production facility
for media and advertising agencies.

With over 20 years in the business, we can handle
all of your audio production needs
for commercials, television, and multimedia.

We feature, among other things:

Pro Tools digital recording/mixing w/ DSP effects

2 fully digital production suites

Full music bed and sound effects libraries

3D2 land patch worldwide

Fully-patched time code lock to all
NTSC video formats and DAT

Post View video sweetening
Random access video for quick audio post sessions
No tape scrolling!!

Compact Disc and CD-Rom

Digital audio production for all multimedia applications

Full in-house audio/video duplication
and distribution/traffic including
real-time digital spot transmission.

Spacious producer's lounge outside studio

Friendly, creative attitudes!!


So make a change for the better today!
Join the TransMedia family. Call Lynn Brandon or Kelly Pine at (800) 229-7234 or (415) 956-3118. Visit our facility. There is always plenty happening here. We're sure you'll be impressed with our quality, service, and competitive rates. With so many years of experience handling last-minute emergencies and tight schedules, we'd like to say we've seen and handled it all, but we're always ready for something new to challenge us! Maybe your next impossible problem.

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