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Ovalblur.gif (13702 bytes) WB01624_3.gif (281 bytes) Our favorite private eye, Harry Nile, takes the stage during last months live taping at the Museum of History & Industry in Seattle. Known on the "real" street as Phil Harper, he is Imagination Theater's most popular character and has been with us for many years.   Larry Albert, aka Watson in the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes stands behind.
Here is our illustrious director, Pat French, playing her on-going role as Murphy in the Adventures of Harry Nile.   Pat is a long time actress and teacher and, of course, is married to our writer/producer Jim French WB01626_1.gif (272 bytes) Patoval.gif (10368 bytes)

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This is Imagination Theater creator, writer & producer Jim French. 
Here, he is giving the audience a pre-performance "Warm-up" before the show.
While Imagination Theater has only been heard nationally for a little
over 3 years, Jim has been writing a producing radio drama in the Seattle
area for almost 15 years.  We wouldn't be here if it weren't for this amazing man.


We'll be posting new pictures every few days.  Come back often !!

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