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Affiliate Testimonials

KIRO - Tim Clendening, Former P.D.
"Carrying a live weekly radio drama has paid handsome dividends. It's high quality programming that's very contemporary, has a large following and very willing sponsors. It's a great way to build a loyal audience with a simple turnkey operation.
Grab Imagination Theater before your competition does!"

KTIP - Doug Caldwell, G.M
"Well produced, entertaining and unusual programming any broadcaster would be happy and proud to air!"

WODI - Anthony DeNicola,
"Listener's LOVE IT! They made us air it twice so that's why we do. I also enjoy it and was the one who wanted to bring it to WODI when I heard it on another station. Listener's also link to your website from ours.
Keep up the good work!

KFMB - Dave Sniff, P.D.
"When I recruit and and evaluate talent one of the qualities I look for is the ability to communicate in story form. There is nothing like a great story teller to attract and maintain audience. This is what Imagination Theater provides! Original stories with great drama and reinforced with great sound effects! Imagination Theater is both a unique and appropriate programming tool that fits perfect for news/talk, full service and nostalgia formats."

WJGR - Larry Stevens, P.D.
"The show is fantastic. It is well produced and the stories are suspenseful. I can't pick up my station at home, so I take the discs with me so I can hear the show. My kids were with me one night while I was listening to a Sherlock Holmes story. I had to stop listening to do something else. Suprisingley, the kids were upset! They wanted to hear the rest! They range in age from 8-12.
Imagination Theater is not just for adults!"

KLKS - Bob Stafford, P.D.
"Keep up the good work! We've had the same sponsor since
day one!"

KMTX - Steve Phillips, P.D.
"Enjoy! Well received by the audience. Well done and easy to sell!!!!!"

KXEZ - Jack Bishop, P.D.
"Listeners love your show and it always gets high praise. We want more Harry Nile and Sherlock Holmes."

WACV - Don Markwell, P.D.
"Don't even think about taking this program off the air! We've been broadcasting Imagination Theater now for three or four years and it has built up a tremendous following. Our listeners say they like it because it tickles their imagination like nothing else on radio. Let's face it, today's radio programming has been computerized and consulted to death. Everything sounds alike. But not your program. It's different and that's why people like it...It's obvious a lot of work goes into your program and I especially appreciate the special programs you do on selected holidays like Christmas and, of course, the Halloween shows. I hope you get a lot of response so that you'll realize you're not operating in a vacuum."

KGY - Dick Pust, P.D. and crew.
"Jim French is the best!" - Dan
"How do we get tickets for the live show?" - Julie
"Please, we want more Harry Nile...Radio: The Way It Was Meant To Be!"

C. Crane Company - (Sponsor) Elaine Kane
"We will be happy to donate a CCRadio to be the prize for your CD pack contest.
It is truly a pleasure to be associated with your show, and we look forward to other collaborations in the future"
Here's a good one from a listener...

Dear TransMedia:
Am I glad that the local CBS affiliate picked up Imagination Theatre. Radio was growing old and boring. Imagination Theater has made Saturday nights live once again here on the CBS affiliate (WCCO 830 AM - St.Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota) I used to be a big fan of CBS Radio Mystery Theater until Westwood Communications decided to pull it out of this area. I look forward to each Saturday night from 10:00 - 11:00.

Keep up the great work!!!
A dedicated radio fan,
Brent Johnson
WLEN - Dale Gaertner, P.D.
"Great original stories! Especially like the science fiction and Sherlock Holmes series. Keep up the great work!! We have grandparents getting their grandchildren hooked onto the program and the grandparents telling them, this was our "television"! I know of a math professor at one of our local colleges who really enjoys the program. We have nothing but good things to say about "Imagination Theater! Keep the program as great as it is!!"

WLIM - Bob Stern, P.D.
"Our listeners LOVE IT!"

KCJB - J. Davis, P.D
"The Show is fabulous! Keep it up!"

WAAV - Laura LeBeau, P.D.
"We LOVE your show! We also air "When Radio Was" and the listeners enjoy the mix of old and new shows."

KDAL - Rik Jordan, P.D.
"Our listeners love the show!"

WRUF - Jeff Worthington, P.D.
"We have a very strong I.T. listening audience in this area. We think you guys have really improved over the years! Keep up the good work! Long Live Harry Nile!"
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