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Miram Athow & Ellen Byrne, WA:
"We enjoy Imagination Theater immensely and look forward to it each week. We also have tapes of some of the episodes and can't wait to see next month's "Play On Words". Thank you for the good, clean entertainment and fun games!"

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DoRena Stuckwisch, IN:
"I am 13 years old, I would like to let you all know that my 11 year old brother and I love to listen to "Imagination Theater" every Saturday night. We don't watch a lot of T.V, but we love to listen to radio shows, both old and new. Whenever "Imagination Theater" is on I am always close to a radio, ready to listen! I enjoy all of the programs, so keep us the good work!"


Tyler Pedersen, MT
"Thank you so much for providing long lasting listening enjoyment every Sunday at 8:00PM. I tune into 950 AM on my radio. I sit there and let my imagination run wild. This program is a real treat because I have no TV reception. The Halloween Special was spectacular...Keep on doing more Sherlock Holmes stories...Your Avid Listener, Tyler"

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Clair Doltz:
"Thank you very much. We are really enjoying your stories. My kid loves them as much as I do!"


Eric Benson, TX:
"I wanted to share with you a number of praises for the subscription program. Being on the Monthly Subscription plan for $24.95 per month is, in my opinion, an excellent value for a number of reasons;
1.) The quality of production is always engaging and excellent, a "re-playable" hour of entertainment for $5.00 or $6.25 (5 to 4 deliveries per month respectively).
2.) Sharing the experience with family and friends is an enjoyable surprise for them, and a joy for me to watch their interest and involvement.
3.) I continue to enjoy building and completing a personal library collection of Imagination Theater CD's.
4.) My niece recently had her tonsils out and was laid up for the better part of a week recuperating. With boredom looming, I lent her my Imagination Theater collection and she was enthralled. I'm curious to hear how other subscription members have been able to share the experience of Imagination Theater with others.
5.) Mostly however, getting my new Imagination Theater CD in the mail each Monday or Tuesday is like expectantly looking forward to a little Christmas surprise fifty-two times a year! The additional Halloween and Christmas specials are added presents.
Many thanks to Kristin and her team for their ever present friendliness and prompt service!"

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Rudy Landram, WA
"I live in Seattle area and have enjoyed your shows for years. I remember listening to  your program as a small boy in the late 70's. Sunday nights at 9PM find me with the lights out anxiously awaiting your programs. Like most, I thoroughly enjoy Harry Nile. I have the first eight Harry Nile tapes and have listened to them over and over. Just discovered the TransMedia website  and thought I'd drop you a short note to say thanks! "


William Cox:
"I am sending you a check for $23.00 as payment for episodes #184, #165, and #195 which I ordered from you several weeks ago. Thank you for your prompt and courteous attention. The show is excellent, and I especially enjoy the Harry Nile and Sherlock Holmes stories. Thanks so much and good luck with Imagination Theater!"

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