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The New Leaf
New Years party goers convince a doctor to tell a straitlaced bachelor friend of theirs that he has only 6 months to live, hoping he'll get out of his rut and have some fun.


  Welcome To Utopia
Hoping to get away from city pressures, a couple of city-dwellers move to a little-known island where there's no crime. But there could be a downside!


The Final Chapter

Harry Nile: SleepingWitness
When a famous mystery writer is found dead, Mike Kincaid turns detective to find out who killed him and why?

What caused a young girl to go into a coma? If Harry can find out, he could save her life and the mystery.


200 Crisis:
The Man Who
Could Fly
The writer of action novels is obsessed with the idea that his characters come to life late at night.


Hard Evidence At his announcement party, a candidate for congress is blackmailed, and a TV newsman at the party senses a big story.


For a Chicago couple, Monday feels suspiciously like Sunday. What's more, they're trapped in their house. Find out what's really going on!


Uncle John's Trouble

A Depression-era tale of an elderly man who is considered slightly crazy. He thinks he can foretell coming events. And then after he's dead, they start coming true.

Harry Nile:
"Key's Louise"

A homeless woman carries keys that get her into almost any building in town, where she snoops through confidential files. When she finds evidence an arson is planned she calls upon Harry Nile.



A muscular window-washer and a beautiful but scheming woman plot to kill her husband and steal the money in his safe.


The Tabloid Twosome

Two actresses conspire to kill the publisher of a weekly scandal sheet because of the lies he's printed about them.


Anything The Mind Can Conceive

A man makes a pact with the devil, and his every wish turns into reality.


A Good Suite Of Clothes When Al Green dies, his old friend Horowitz, the tailor, makes him a most unusual suit of clothes.


The Candlewyck Particle As a wealthy man awaits his death, a researcher tells him he has discovered the secret of perpetual life in a drop of the old man's blood.
205  Harry Nile:
Little Boy Lost
In his newest case, Harry Nile investigates the kidnapping of a young couple's baby.


A Betting Man A compulsive gambler finally wagers his most prized possession, his beautiful daughter!

Sherlock Holmes: The Dark Chamber   

Holmes and Watson must learn the identity of a mysterious masked man who is pursuing a famous English actress.



A young woman goes to the aid of an old man in the desert, and believes he is Elvis grown old.

Imperfect Strangers

Hot money on a cold night aboard an English train.


The Great God Donald

Donald lives in the attic of his grandparents' house and dwells in the tiny world of his elaborate model train layout. Starring WKRP's Richard Sanders and Northern Exposures Peg Phillips.

  Harry Nile:
The Suite Case

Harry Nile is targeted by a Chicago hitman


Saturday It Rained
An escaped convict terrorizes an old woman in her home, but is she completely defenseless?

Side Trip

A hitchhiker accepts a ride with an itinerant preacher who  isn't who he seems to be.


The Merle Oberon Negligee Two buddies from Brooklyn hunt down a famous costume to trap a murderer in the Hollywood of the 1980's.

Sherlock Holmes:
The Ragwort Puzzle

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must find a spy deep in the heart of the British Government. 3/26/00

The Possession Of Victor Fraley

An American tourist takes on a new identity after a bus accident in a foreign village.

Harry Nile:
Who Killed Harry Nile

The body of a murdered man turns up with all of Harry Niles I.D. in its pocket. Featuring "Golden Age" radio star Gil Stratton Jr. 4/2/00

Mayday Signal

A pilot thinks he's hearing distress signals from a World War II fighter plane that disappeared over 50 years ago.
212 Nathan's Hands A mild mannered bank employee suddenly finds his mind and hands under the control of a dead bank robber. Featuring WKRP's Richard Sanders 4/9/00
A Tiny Problem The arrival of a distant relative drives a harried couple to attempt murder. Featuring "Northern Exposure's" Peg Phillips.
213 The Transformer A little boys trust in his father is shaken by a bullying older cousin. 4/16/00
The Best Thing
For Sheila
Find out how a woman in a coma seems to have complete power over others!

Harry Nile:
Third Floor Rear

Harry Nile is marked for death to keep him from testifying in an arson case. 4/23/00

Old Acquaintance

A pretty girl, seeking an acting job, is recruited by a secret intelligence agency to impersonate a foreign spy.

The Man Who Came Too Close

A crop duster can't repress his curiosity about a strange flying object. 4/30/00

Sherlock Holmes:
The Woman From Virginia

A kidnapped womans' prospective father in-laws engages Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to find her.

The Star Channel

Kincaid, The Strange-seeker, visits a spiritualist who claims to channel celebrities of the past. 5/7/00
A Warm Night In Bunche County A UFO expert checks out a small southern town and vice-versa.

Harry Nile:
Murder At Hidden Lake

Harry Nile investigates a sudden death in a peaceful  resort won. 5/14/00
The Robin Hood Heist
A reformed pick-pocket takes on one last job for a big pay-off. Featuring Keenan Wynn

The Appearance
Of Evil

A man feels obligated to give a stranger a lift and lives to regret it. 5/21/00

State Of Mind

A terrified woman is snowed in at a mountain cabin belonging to a researcher in the occult.

Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure

Of The Mind - Reader

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson work to prevent the assassination of a visiting dignitary. 5/28/00

Gravtrak 449

A futuristic tale of a magnetically levitated, high speed passenger train that disappears.
220 Harry Nile:
Rich Little
Poor Girl
Harry Nile is called in to help a little girl whose father left her alone in a Seattle motel with a suitcase full of money. 6/3/00
The Latecomer
A pair of Royal Air Force buddies encounter a phantom on the moors of England while on their way to a squadron reunion.

Roy Dameron:
Don't Point At Me You're Loaded

Investigator Roy Dameron tries to help a rich woman with an abusive husband, a former Mr. America. 6/10/00

Captive Audience

An unemployed actor gets a big chance to audition for a movie producer, but he has to solve a murder to do it!

Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure of the Bishop's Ring

Holmes and Watson are asked to discover how a priceless piece of jewelry was taken and spirited out of a house no one has left. 6/17/00

License To Kill

A small time auto racer is hit by a car. Find out if it was really an accident.

Harry Nile:
Family Secret

Harry Nile gets involved in the murder investigation of the fiancée of the daughter of a notable Seattle family. 6/24/00


A revisionist is teaching that the Holocaust never happened. He is held captive in his own home by two elderly men who survived the horror.

Scorpio Rising

A sick old man and his daughter are held hostage by an escaped killer 7/1/00

Surgery In Sundown tavern

A visiting English doctor seems to be the answer to a small town's prayers.

Roy Dameron:
The Siamese Cat Affair

An explosion in a Texas petroleum lab leads investigator Roy Dameron to discover an unlikely clue to murder, all because of a Siamese cat. 7/8/00

Ginza Express

On leave in Tokyo a soldier thinks he's spotted a killer that he tried to find when he was a detective in civilian life.

Harry Nile:

Harry Nile must find who is threatening a movie star who has come to Seattle to make her first picture in years. 7/15/00

There's Something I Didn't Tell You

A newly married couple are hiding deadly secrets from each other

Sherlock Holmes:
The Sealed Room

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are involved in a British military secret with international implications 7/22/00


How does a run-of-the-mill golf date turn into murder?

Justice Delayed

When he realizes his client is certain to be convicted of murdering his wife, a lawyer formulates a plan to help him escape. 7/29/00

The Lieutenant

A strange experience, on the high desert, reveals a secret experiment that went wrong.

Harry Nile:
Find Ben Stagg

Private detective Harry Nile is on the trail to find a missing policeman. 8/6/00

The Survivor

After a cataclysmic poison gas war, Joe thinks he's the lst person alive, then he discovers Sharon. Life is sweet until...

A Death On E. 89th

When a delveloper buys an old apartment house, to tear it down, the elderly dwellers refuse to move out. 8/13/00

The Exiles

A future drama about freedom of speech, punishment and the size of the universe

Sherlock Holmes:
The Gambrinus Cure

Holmes and Watson are asked to investigate the possible disappearance of a businessman's wife, and find more than they bargained for. 8/20/00


Two old-timers repel an attempt to con them out of their money.

Harry Nile:
The Doomsday

A story from Harry Niles days as a P.I. in L.A. Harry takes a case that puts him in the middle of a nasty family fight. 8/27/00


An antique TV is receiving programs from the future.

Clear Channel

A rube's invention to combat television completion with radio, in 1952, backfires. 9/3/00


A wealthy Texan has an 600 year old English manor house moved to his Dallas estate, but he didn't know what the deal included.

Sherlock Holmes:
The Poet Of Death

Holmes and Watson try to find out if the strange death of their client was an accident or murder. 9/10/00


A skydiver dreams that his 'chute won't open', but his wife always awakens him before he hits the ground. Until one night...

Harry Nile:
The Two Freddies

Harry Nile must break the "perfect" alibi of a suspect in a string of burglaries. With "Northern Exposure" star Cynthia Geary. 9/17/00

Happy Birthday

The young son of a poor farm couple, discovers a strange visitor to his birthday party.

The Invitation

A ruthless businessman is invited to a dinner in his honor, but the main course won't taste like chicken. 9/24/00

The Flaw

A screen writer wants to leave his wife, but she's the one who always fixes his flawed scripts. With "Hogan's Heroes" star Bob Crane.

Find A Tall Stranger

An Innocent man is jailed for murder in a small town. 9/25/00

Harry Nile:
Murphy's Outlaw

When Harry Nile is injured, Murphy takes on the case to try and find out who tried to kill him. 10/08/00
The Art Of Getting Even
When his boss steals his idea, an inventor plots a diabolical revenge.

Last Chance

Lost in the desert, on his last legs, a fleeing felon considers suicide, until he encounters some unlikely opposition. Featuring "Gilligan's Island" star Russell Johnson 10/15/00

What kind of intelligence is so secret, that even the U.S President can't be told?


Harry Nile:
The Old Masters
Murder Case

An Innocent man is jailed for murder in a small town. 10/22/00
Alliance In Blood

A series of killings in a small Colorado town brings TV reporters, with one finding out more than is safe...for someone! Featuring "WKRP in Cincinnati" star Richard Sanders.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Billingsgate Horror

Another Halloween thriller with Sherlock Holmes.This tale begins with the discovery of a fish...with a human head attached! 10/29/00

Harry Nile:
The Lonely Ghost Matter

A grieving professor hires Harry Nile to investigate a psychic, who claims contact with the academic's dead wife. He's a phony...right?

The Procedure

A plastic surgeon is forced to turn an alien from anotner world into a human-looking entity. 10/29/00

The Garden of Dr. Shakaji

A weird statuary garden appears in the yard of an Indian mystic.

The Man Who Died Twice

Reporter Rovert Kincaid, gets a tip an a suspicious death in a hospital. Was it murder or natural causes? 11/5/00

The Door of Lotim

The unearthing of the first glasswork in Eqypt leads to ruin for the expedition financier.

Truck Stop

A down on his luck trucker is asked to take part in a hi-jacking of his own vehicle. He's given no choice but to accept. 11/12/00

Murder Among Nice People

A movie agent's secretary plots revenge against her boss when he takes back up with his ex wife.

  Harry Nile:
Harry And The Homework

A surveillance case turns sour for our favorite private eye, Harry Nile. 11/19/00

The Mannequin

A man is convinced that a store window dummy has stolen his clothes and his youth. Featuring Gil Stratton Jr. & Harry Bartell

Shelock Holmes:
The Adventure of the Missing Link

A distraught woman seeks the help of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in clearing her husband of a murder charge. 11/26/00

Second Ending

What if you could get back an hour of your life, andlive it over?

   The Early Mr. Jenkins

An impatient spririt cuts into the lineup of those waiting to be born, and comes to Earth as a full-grown man. 12/3/00

The Haunted Plumbing of Harlod Poole

A plumber and his wife have their final argument and she disappears, but her brother, a cop, is suspicious.

Harry Nile:
The John Doe Murders

Harry Nile can't place the stranger who approaches him in a restaurant. Then minutes later, the man is shot to death. 12/10/00

           Extreme Prejudice

A gang lawyer is blackmailing the President of the U.S., so he calls in come help from a covert operator in the CIA. Featuring Russel Johnson


Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure of The Painted Leat

It's Christmas tiem, and Sherlock Holmes is asked by writer, H.G. Wells to find his stolen manuscript of teh "Time Machine". 12/17/00

Ulterior Motive

An unstable man confesses to every major crime that hits the city and his finally arrested.


Harry Nile:
Christmas in Paradise

Harry Nile is asked to investigate the robbery of a downtown mission's poor box.


McCumber's Miracle Tonic A department store Santa recalls a tale of a frontier Christmas.


A Town Called Limbo

Kincaid, the Strangeseeker, investigates the possible haunting of an old western movie set


The Squeeze When an underworld leader calls in a loan from a car dealer, the dealer sets up his innocent partner to settle the debt.. By dying. Featuring Eddie Bracken

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