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Episode Guide 1998


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1998 Imagination Theatre Episodes  (Order by number)


The Berryman Chamber

A scientific experiment in teleportation needs a brave volunteer and Roy Dameron takes the job.



Outlaw At Emmetts Cafe

Was it really notorious gangster Pretty Boy Floyd who stopped in for lunch at Emmettes Café in this sleepy Midwestern town?  


Dead And Breakfast

In a picturesque and historic old home, the previous owner "appears" from time to time - and death always follows.



Latent Image

A portrait painter is obsessed with his current model - until he finds out who she really is.


The Labyrinth

When a man accepts a new job and then uses it to pry a counter offer from his current boss, things go awry and he gets caught in a maze.



Mama Has A Gift

A humble Englishwoman discovers there's money to be made with her psychic ability to foretell the future.


    The Couple Next Door

Learn the perils of being a bit too nosy with your neighbors. They may not be as perfect as they seem.



 A Tiny Problem

Northern Exposures' Peg Phillips stars as a shirt-tail relative who barges in and takes over the lives of a distant nephew and his wife.

99 The Case of The SleepingWitness

What causes a young woman to fall into a coma? If Harry Nile can find out, he'll solve a murder and bring the woman back to consciousness.



    The Fall Of The Year

Actress Lori Blake witnesses a murder and the murderer knows it. Where will she hind her famous face?


   The Scent Of Lilacs

A vacationing young man is forced to spend a terrifying night in a mountainous cabin with a creepy old couple who mistake him for their dead son.



    No Traveler Returns

In the same castle where Hamlet lived and died, a Shakespearean melodrama envelopes a vacationing actor.  

101 The Final Mission

Our tabloid-T.V. reporter Mike Kincaid interviews a dying astronaut who claims he knows that Earth has been visited by an alien force.



   Cliff Hanger

It's a May-December wedding and the happy couple is haunted by a persistent suitor who wants to break them up.   



A jealous stage actor masquerades as the "haughty" star he thinks is romancing his wife.



    The Bottom Line

When a conscientious engineer in Detroit tells the company that their cars can produce a lethal gas, an executive is forced to make a difficult decision.



An impossible thing happens when a killer leaves someone elses fingerprint on a murder weapon.



The Face Is Familiar

Is it another case of mistaken identity or the final discovery of a killer.


  The Departed

A psychic begins getting urgent messages from a widows dead husband and some very mysterious thing begin to happen.




Another psychic is hired to do her act in a sleazy nightclub. But then, as she foretells the future the customers start to disappear.


The Woman From UnderThe Ice

Mike Kincaid, our tabloid T.V. reporter goes to the arctic to report on an undiscovered civilization that has lived beneath the icecap for milleniums.



The Passing Of Soapy Smith

The true story of the last months in the life of notorious character from the Klondike Gold Rush - Jefferson "Soapy" Smith.     


        The Compensator

We all learn that life is sometimes unfair. But what if there were someone who could make up for all the bad that's happened to you? What would you pay them?




      Incident At Moondown

There's a legend of a genius hermit who lives somewhere in the remote desert mountains and the curator of a museum finds him and his secrets.


The Case Of The Bitter  Banker

Harry Nile helps a lonely bank employee who's only thing in life that she looks forward to is suddenly taken from her by her hateful boss - and he turns up dead.




Surgery In Sundown Tavern

This small rural town hasn't had a doctor in years, and now an emergency threatens the life of a visitor - just as a celebrated British surgeon stops by.


 The Private War Of Ambrose Cain

Troubleshooter Roy Dameron is taken aboard a private submarine commanded by a deranged skipper.




A desperate itinerant advertises that he'll do anything for money. But, does that include murder?


     The Place

Mike Kincaid takes his investigative camera into an underground portal to solve a string of strange holdups. The crooks just seem to "disappear" with the money.




   The Widows Secret

Peg Phillips of Northern Exposure and Richard Sanders of WKRP star in a weird story about an old woman who plants a tree so that no one can get into her garage.


Finding Portland

It's another special one-hour Harry Nile as Fred Allen and his wife Portland Hoffa, come to Seattle to promote Fred's new book. Portland is kidnapped and Harry has to find her.




The Invitation

A much despised business man is invited to be the guest of honor at a meeting of a secret club. 4/26/98

The Best Thing For Sheila

When a woman is seriously injured in a car crash and lies in a coma, she can hear what plans are being made for her.           


Heat Goes To Cold

Private Eye Harry Nile gets mixed up with a spoiled college student, a disappearing corpse, and the L.A. law. 5/3/98

Grandpa & The Queen Of Venus

An old widower turns his son-in-law's tool shed into something very unearthly.      


Extreme Prejudice

The president is being blackmailed by a gang lawyer, so he calls in some help from a covert operator in the CIA. 5/10/98


How could a tourist visiting a Southern town for the first time seem to know so much about a dismal little house and the suspicious people who live in it.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Poet Of Death

In our first Sherlock Holmes adventure; A newly-written pastiche authorized by the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle finds Holmes & Watson on a case of murder. 5/17/98

The Cleanup Man

A mystery man takes the law into his own hands when a crime wave hits a small town.


Hair Of The Dog

In this double-length mystery, Private Eye Harry Nile starts hunting for a stolen dog, but later the case turns to murder.    5/24/98


The Art Of Getting Even

A brilliant employee plots revenge against his boss. 5/31/98

Appointment In Time

TV tabloid reporter Mike Kincaid uncovers a secret time-travel experiment.  

The Miller

Two nuns, stranded in the jungle after a plane crash, encounter a mysterious old man and his brother. 6/7/98

Ginza Express

On leave in Tokyo, a soldier thinks he's spotted a killer that he tried to find when he was a detective in civilian life.            



A missing husband sends private detective Harry Nile up the California coast on a search that turns up a murderer. 6/14/98


Some families are truly dysfunctional. The solution to this family's problem was a little pet dog. But what would happen if the dog died?



The three former husbands of a dead movie star compare notes about her life…and death 6/21/98

The Franklin Phantom

The residents of a retirement home are mystified when an old lady disappears just after a notorious writer of a bloody fiction moves in.


The Early Mr. Jenkins

An Impatient spirit cuts into the lineup of those waiting to be born, and comes to earth as a full grown man. 6/28/98

Rule 7

Two American astronauts and two Russian cosmonauts on the first manned flight to Mars develop tensions aboard their spacecraft which climax on the Red Planet. 


Sherlock Holmes:
"The Sealed Room"

Holmes and Watson track down how, and why, a sensational British government secret is stolen from a permanently sealed room. 7/5/98

Osterman's Dream

Private eye Harry Nile has another harrowing adventure after Murphy's landlord dreams that Harry is killed.

Alliance In Blood

A remote mountain town suffers repeated killings, so a TV reporter turns investigator, but the story she feeds to the satellite surprises everyone.


The Loophole

Hans Canreid stars as a desperate man who is fired just before he becomes eligible for his pension - so he arranges a plan.  

The Thing In The Woods

A family hiding in the forest from invading forces following World War III flees from a lethal looking object.  


The House On Brookside Lane

A mysterious old man pays a million dollars to buy a house where a double murder occurred 50 years ago.   


A skydiver repeatedly drems his 'chute doesn't open, and his wife awakens him each time he dreams he hits the ground.  


The Perfect Man

The prty's search for a ferfect political candidate is over. There's only one problem with the squeaky-clean candidate...    


Second Ending

What if it was possible to change just one hour of your life? This man did.  


A Semi-Private Room

Ruta Lee stars as a pampered but confused socialite spending some time in a mental hospital.


My Kid, The Cop

An ailing and retired Chicago police officer hires P-I Harry Nile to locate his son, who may be an undercover cop.  


Desperation Island

A domineering man paralyzed in a surgical operation takes his wife, stepson and his surgeion on a boat trip that ends in horror.


The Gatekeeper What is the secret beneath the rubble of an old San Francisco movie house demolished in an earthquake.  



Tom Smothers, in his first serious acting role, plays a disoriented war veteran who can't hang onto the reality of his high school reunion.


The Pigeon Danger signs go up when an innocent small-town woman, on a trip to Manhattan, finds herself swept off her feet by a wealthy and handsome older man.  


Siren In The Night A hypochondriac, alone on a buisness trip in a hotel room far from home, tries to calm himself as he fears he is about to die of fright.


Home Is The Hunter A strange tale of a desperate attempt by Hitler to have Franklin D. Roosevelt assassinated in Washington D.C  


Smoke A spooky encounter with a ghost in a Brooklyn loft.


Funeral At Midnight Harry Nile investigates why a widow wants to hold her husband's funeral at midnight only hours after his death.  


Coots A grasping nephew in debt to a crook helps the criminal steal from his aged uncle, but the old gentleman has a trick up his sleeve.


The Man Who Died Twice A reporter finds out why a terminally ill nursing home patient was murdered even though he was dying.  


The Procedure A plactic surgeon is forced to turn an alien from another world into a human-looking entity.


Captive Audience An umemployed actor gets a big chance to audition for a movie producer, but he has to solve a murder todo it.  


There's Something I Didn't Tell You Both  the bride and the groom are keeping secrets from each other, which turned out to be a fatal error.  


Case Of The Puzzling Puzzle Harry Nile unravels a family rivarly among crossword puzzle writers.  


Hoax A revolutionist who teaches that the Holocaust never happened, is held captive in his own house by two elderly men who survived the horror.


Bellamy Bridge Suffering shell shock, a young veteran of World War I meets his doom on the covered bridge between his home and his sweetheart's.  


The Squeeze Eddie Bracken plays a desperate buinessman who owes a fortune to the gangsters who financed him.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Blind Man
1886, London. Holmes and Watson discover, suprise, a dead body in the Thymes river.                                                           


The Unmasking Can the new CEO of a multinational company really be a long-hunted Nazi concentration camp guard?



Pay As You Exit Who keeps making secret deposits to a woman's bank account, and what does he want in return?  


Bauman & The Box

Harry Anderson stars as a treacherous magician who will do anyting to get his hands on a baffling illusion from a retired European illusionist.
136 A

The Shrine

A 55 minute drama concerning a computer genius who is dying, and who devises a way to control the lives of his family from beyond the grave.  



The Goblin Factory

A prominent doctor investigates an ancient druid curse and announces that a mysterious madness will strike the world on Halloween night.  


Party To Murder A group of movie struck local actors invite a big Hollywood director to a Halloween Party that gets way out of hand. 


Windward House A writer discovers his getaway house on a craggy island holds a mystery like one he's writing in a new novel.  


The Case Of The Dominant Seventh

Harry Nile must find who is victimizing the teachers at a Seattle music academy.

The Lieutenant

A mysterious German officer appears in a Viet Nam jungle.  



Signs Of Rain A fantasy that shuffles fact and fiction with future and the past.


Short Story An old circus is the scene of a love triangle and a murder attempt.  


Blind Flight A young blind girl calls for help from the   plane her father was flying when he collapsed at the controls somewhere over Idaho.


The Toni Parsons Story

Harry Nile goes searching for a teenage girl who ran away from home to rendezvous with her brother-a soldier she cannot believe was killed Korea.                                                                 



The Helmet Another war story: this time in Viet Nam, in which something supernatural saves a soldier's life.


The Cubicle A Dilbert-like office worker can't separate his work from his dreams, but both are bad, bad news.  


What Happens On Page 11 Travel back to the days of old-time radio soap operas, as the cast of our little play discovers that  the writer is killing them off, one by one...literally.
143 Kincaid:
New Guy At The Morgue
Our "Strange-Seeker" Kincaid spend the night at the morgue in an effort to find out why a body is missing.




The Garden Of Dr. Shakaji Winner of the prestigious "Joey" Award of Excellence in Radio Enterainment, it's a spine tinkling tale of an Indian mystic and his statuary garden.  Someone disappears and suddenly there's a new statue of stone in the garden.


Perfect Likeness A watercolor artist paints the portraits of two girls who have been dead over a year, yet they sit for her each day.  


The Night Crew What happens in a supermarket after midnight?


Sherlock Holmes:
The Painted Leaf
A few days before Christmas, famous author H.G.Wells hires Holmes to recover a missing manuscript from his next novel, "War Of The Worlds".   



Harry Nile:
The Mary Christmas Caper
 Private eye Harry Nile helps awoman with amnesia recover her memory, and learn what happened to her on Christmas eve.                                                    


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