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2000 Episode Guide


The Tweed Cap Roddy MacDowell stars as an Irish Lad whose best friend refuse's to remove his cap - for any reason


Flanagan's Legacy Learn why a poor parish priest just suddenly believes in ... Leprechauns


Harry Nile:
Murder By The Book

A special double length Harry Nile adventure.  A famous crime novelist appears to have murdered her ex-husband.


148 Sherlock Holmes:
Secret Of The Fives
Holmes is hired by the U.S. Government to find out who is threatening to destroy buildings at he U.S. Capital


The Tide Pool An oozing alien life form steals the intelligence from a group of gifted children. 

Ask Me Any Question

Does an antique fortune-telling machine really know everything about the future?


Night Tapes

A photographer keeps getting anonymous threats on his voice mail and hires a private detective to track down the culprit.

Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Exeter Audition

Our favorite Private Eye must locate a famous screen actress who came to Seattle and then mysteriously disappears. 


The Last Of
Simeon Buell

A missing silver miner is thought to have been murdered by his business partner.


Harry Nile:
The Lady In The Green Hat

Harry Nile's newest client is a mysterious woman who claims her husband is a murderer.


The Final Mission

TV reporter Mike Kincaid learns why an retired astronaut has been written off by N.A.S.A. after his original mission - but not his last.


Before The Devil Knows Your Dead The only survivor of a plane crash vows never to fly again, but to keep his job...he take one last flight.


Desperate A down-on-his-luck guy advertises for any kind of a job, but the one person who hires him wants him to kill his wife...Will he do it?  Find out in this episode starring Patricia Barry.
153 The Bouganville Giant An award winning episode that's pits a swarm of 7 foot moths against the natives of a remote South Pacific island.


Bum Steer How could a lowly street beggar know all the secret plans of a ruthless executive?


Three psychiatrists compare notes on their most bizarre cases, including a schizophrenic priest who believes he was a killer in another life.



A couple, stranded along a desolate highway, encounter an odd assortment of weirdo's living in a remote little enclave.

Harry Nile:
Deadline For Murder

The son of a dead celebrity may be killed for his inheritance.  Harry steps in and tries to prevent it.


The Beasts

The ghosts of thousands of slaughtered cattle return to haunt an old English Farm.

A Dog Named Who

Strange-seeker Mike Kincaid wrecks his car and is rescued by a dog that's not only a hero...He can talk!


      Harry Nile:     Bulletproof

A Seattle cop tries to hire private eye Harry Nile to hunt down the con who killed his partner while they were on patrol.

Harry Nile:
It Pays to Advertise

Harry Nile is hired to locate people his client had cheated years before. But when Harry hits Seattle, Seattle hits him back!


Time Zone It's 1933 and a small town editor is visited by a guy from the future with a broken laptop computer. Staring Harry Anderson

The Projectionist

The strange old man who runs the movies at a theater has a reel of film he swears he'll never show - until a brash young usher goads him into it. 3/28/99

The Door Of Lotim

An archeologist finds a treasure, but the rich man funding the expedition has it installed in his own home instead of placing it on exhibit.

The Dobsky Engine

Kincaid the Strange-seeker uncovers a fabulous invention smuggled into this country from Russia 4/4/99

   Sherlock Holmes: The Woman From Virginia

A Sherlock Holmes adventure; A man hires the great detective duo to find his missing fiancÚ.
160 Harry Nile:
Seattle Blues
Private eye Harry Nile tries to win back $5,000 stolen from a naive bar hostess, and winds up left for dead in a boxcar. 4/11/99
The Rubber Clock What is the secret that enables a Japanese computer-chip company to beat its competitions new developments?
161 Trades Harry Anderson teams up with WKRP star Richard Sanders in this tale of two men who decide to change places in life. 4/18/99
Disturbance On
Nob Hill
A teenager dies in an upscale neighborhood, and parents learn a lesson in bringing up their son.

Harry Nile:
Aloha Means Goodbye

Harry Nile flies to Hawaii to discover what the wife of a client is up to. Richard Sanders guest stars. 4/25/99

And Presumed Dead

Actor Phil Harper returns as an airline passenger who steps off the plane just before it takes off and crashes, but  his name is on the passenger list

The Thirst Of  The Blade

Kincaid thrills his TV audience with a report on a knife that belonged to Jack The Ripper 5/299

Surgery At Gunpoint

A surgeon is forced to operate on a gangster as his family is held hostage.

Harry Nile:
Solitaire Sam

A Harry Nile adventure in which the private eye must deal with a slippery con artist and a murder. 5/9/99
Scene Of The Crime A paroled killer tries to return to her hometown but her sister won't let her have a normal life.

Sherlock Holmes:
The Quartermaine Curse

Sherlock Holmes and Watson solve the mystery of a strange sickness and a murder in the family of famous Egyptologist. 5/16/99
Cassie A dramatic story of a shelter for abused women.

Harry Nile:
A Little Out Of Town Job

Harry Nile tries to take a vacation but he's recruited by an old friend to solve the mystery of a missing small-town baker 5/23/99

The Bus To Buena Vista

Who are the riders, and where is the bus going? A weird allegory of hopes and fears.

Sins Of The Father  Part 1

The son of a retired cop rushes across the country to be with his dying father, only to learn he has lured him to help  the old man solve an old murder. 5/30/99

Sins Of The Father  Part 2

The son unearths suspicious evidence that the killing was a setup with political implications.
168     Sherlock Holmes:    The Adventure Of The Bishop's Ring Sherlock Holmes and Watson uncover how an "impossible" theft of a priceless artifact was carried off. 6/6/99

Harry Nile:
Case Of The Fisheye Murders

Harry Nile takes a cruise to Alaska to solve a baffling series of killings aboard the luxury vessel.
169 The Mirror Can an antique mirror reflect future events? The woman who buys it becomes obsessed with its power. 6/13/99
The Deed When an elderly man deeds property to his heirs, evidence of a criminal past comes to light.
170 Osterman's Dream Murphy's landlord dreams that Harry got killed, and it almost comes true. 6/20/99
He Avery's Lot John Cullum stars as the owner of a space-junk lot where a mysterious customer builds a forbidden spacecraft.
171 The Cure The owner of a bookstore has the answer for a desperate woman whose husband is addicted to the non-stop reading of books. 6/27/99

Death By Delivery

A pizza customer is found stabbed to death and the delivery boy thinks he's being suspected of the murder.
172 The Diogenes Syndrome A bump on the head causes a glib advertising man to utter nothing but the truth, which all but destroys an ad agency. 7/4/99

Harry Nile:
The Fighter And The Phantom

Private Eye Harry Nile must learn the truth behind the ghost that's haunting a Seattle fight trainer's promising boxer.
173 Ulterior Motive An unstable man who confesses to every major crime that hits the city is finally arrested. 7/11/99
Incident At Crofton Wells Two American women discover the awful truth about their long-dead ancestor in a small English village.

Harry Nile:
Cold Reading

A murder is accidentally recorded on tape, and Harry Nile must discover the identities of the killer and his victim, since no body turned up. 7/18/99


When a convict returns to his home town, he uncovers the guilty confederate in the robbery that sent him up the river.

The Island

A bombastic talk show host and female reporter are marooned on an unknown island when he makes a forced landing in his private plane. 7/25/99


A visiting extraterrestrial is called away from Earth.

    Sherlock Holmes:    The Adventure Of The Samovar

A Russian tea urn stolen and the thief turns up murdered. 8/1/99

     Crisis: What Makes Dogs Howl

A village dog howls whenever someone is about to die.A tale of superstition in old New England.

    A Woman's Work Is Never Done

An embittered farmer lives to regret the enslavement of his wife, who died never knowing her heart's desire 8/8/99

   Crisis:The Doomsday Clock

A mysterious antique clock is rumored to be a product of the Salem witchcraft superstitions,but its newest owner scoffs that it could foretell his own doom.

      Harry Nile:        "Floater"

A judges apparent suicide turns out to be an elaborate murder. 8/15/99


A prominent businesswoman is blackmailed by a trusted employee


A crooked employee is caught stealing by his boss who had make him an officer of the company 8/22/99

         Crisis:          Amazon House

The conniving husband of a famous woman finds a way to grab her fortune.

The Appointment

Fearing he is dying of cancer, a man hires a gunman to provide a quick and painless death. Then he discovers there may be a cure! 8/29/99

Star Light, Star Bright

What if a spaceship landed on a farm in the age before electricity and airplanes?

The Summer House

A vacationing family rents a seaside cabin but soon finds that some invisible force is moving furniture and substituting their belongings for someone else's 9/5/99

A Gift From Stacy

A pleasant young woman seems to be the answer to a lonely old couples prayer when she shows up on their quiet street, but a local cop knows her evil secret.

The Hermit Of Bottomless Lake

Two teenage boys seek the answer to a mysterious light that flashes from a cliffside cave above a mountain lake 9/12/99

Glory Hole

A Russian and American crew dig the deepest borehole ever drilled. Then, 14 miles down, they break into...What?

       Harry Nile:          Always Leave 'Em Wanting More

A double length episode which reveals Harry's life as a Chicago cop and his tragic marriage to a lovely blues singer. 9/19/99

    Sherlock Holmes:    The Adventure Of The Seven Shares

A visitor from South Africa is feared to be planning to kill his English cousins. 9/26/99

Picture A Murder

A young woman with a criminal record tries to please her abusive new boss, and she finally turns to a counselor who suggests a psychic solution to her problem

The Weatherman

A scientist from the national weather service investigates a tiny New England town whose mayor claims to create the custom-tailored weather the place enjoys. 10/3/99

The Couple Next Door

They moved in without making a sound. They don't use heat, light or food. Who are they, and what do they want?

Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Desperate Dealer

Harry must prove a small town car dealer's partner is stealing from him. 10/10/99


A frontier painter is challenged by the town bully in this unusual western drama featuring some of the greats of the Golden Age of radio

Desperation Island

A domineering man paralyzed in a surgical operation takes his wife, stepson and his surgeon on a boat trip that ends in horror 10/17/99

Dead Men

A psychiatrist's patient is convinced he died twenty years before in a motorcycle accident, and wants to know why he's still alive...?

The Risk

A crooked insurance agent and his client attempt to defraud the company. 10/24/99

Night Rider

A trucker gives a lift to a possessed young hitchhiker and her baby.

Crisis:The Vilkeman Theory

A reporter and a professor journey to a mountain camp where Ware Wolves are reportedly on the prowl. 10/31/99

Siren In The Night

A hypochondriac, alone on a business trip, in a hotel room far from home, ties to calm him self as he fears he is about to die of fright.

Harry Nile: The Ivor Lindman Matter

Private eye Harry Nile is hired by a real estate developer to find out why a widow won't sell her property. What he finds  leads to a solution of murder. 11/7/99

Beacon 3699

An elderly man returns to his old neighborhood to try to overcome his guilt over an accident that killed his parents, but later realizes he can communicate with them from the dead

Writers' Block

Investigative reporter Mike Kincaid digs up the reason a foreign word mysteriously appears on the manuscripts of four struggling writers who share an apartment. 11/14/99

Building B-2000

A high-ranking senator stages his own assault on the installation to find out where billions in tax money are going.

The Man Who Never Slept

A Pinkerton man stays on the trail of fiendish killer, and employs a dangerous ruse to try to get his man. 11/21/99

A Blade Of Grass

Why is the sole survivor of a spaceship disaster being isolated from public view? Is it to protect him...or to keep an incredible secret?

       Harry Nile:       Blues For Maggie Brown

A renowned jazz singer is convinced her dead husband has come back to life to threaten her and Harry is on the case! 11/28/99

Along A Dark Road

It's 1973, but a traveler fins himself in a town where it's 1943, and history is different from the past the traveler knows.

But The Flesh Is Weak

A drug addicted small-time gunman is taken to a weird monastery where time has no meaning, and the abbot knows all about his previous life. 12/5/99

"...And Presumed Dead"

When an airliner crashes with no survivors, one man who got off the plane just before takeoff finds himself listed as dead, which gives him the opportunity for a new life.

    Sherlock Holmes:    The Adventure Of The Red Death

The great detective duo must find the cause behind two strange deaths in the home of an eccentric inventor. 12/12/99

The Dowager

A classic car fancier buys the old limousine once owned by the most hated man in town, and the car begins to influence his behavior.

Harry Nile:
Angels Flight

Your favorite private eye tries to make a sad Christmas a little better for a poor widow,and awakens in a socialite's home to news of the attack on Pearl Harbor 12/19/99

           Crisis:         The Gypsy

A man falls in love with a nondescript painting of a gypsy he buys at an auction, and it wrecks his marriage.

Lady In The Hudson

An 88 year woman steals a car on Christmas Eve & turns out to be someone very special to Harry Nile and Murphy. 12/26/99

Stranger At The Door

An Indiana couple recently lost their infant son...and their marriage is on the rocks.   Christmas cheer seems very far away.

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