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1996 Imagination Theatre Episodes (Order by number)

1 The Thing In The Woods: A family hiding in a forest from invading forces following World War III flees from a lethal-looking object dropped in the woods.  



Seattle Blues: Private eye Harry Nile tries to win back $5000 stolen from a naive bar hostess, and winds up left for dead in a boxcar.
2 Blind Flight: A business jet pilot tries to talk down a blind girl, the only passenger in a plane whose pilot, her father, has died at the controls.  



Coots: A grasping nephew in debt to a crook helps the criminal steal from his aged uncle, but the old gentleman has a trick up his sleeve.
3 Dreamstate: Three psychiatrists compare notes on their most bizarre cases, including a schizophrenic priest who believes he is a killer in another personality.





Dead Ringer: Harry Nile saves a woman from suicide, then learns a terrible secret about her twin sister.
4 But The Flesh Is Weak: A drug-crazed killer is spirited away to a weird monastery where time doesn't exist.




Bellamy Bridge: Suffering shell-shock, a young veteran of World War I meets his doom on the covered bridge between his home and his sweetheart's.
5 Baumann And The Box: Harry Anderson stars as a treacherous magician who will do anything to obtain a baffling illusion from a retired European artist.  



The Man Who Died Twice: A reporter finds out why a terminally ill nursing home patient was murdered as he lay dying.
6 The Loophole: Hans Conreid stars as a desperate man whose job was "downsized" just before he became eligible for his retirement benefits.  



The Island: A bombastic talk-show host and a female reporter are marooned on an unknown island when his private plane is forced down.
7 The Eddie Mayhew Matter: When a famous old jazz musician dies without a will, his son hires Harry Nile to help him collect a fortune.





Woman's Work Is Never Done: A miserly farmer forbids his wife to take a break from her drudgery in order to take violin lessons.
8 The Bouganville Giant: Natives on a South Pacific island are terrorized by a swarm of seven-foot moths which nest on an innactive volcano.




Nightmare: A sky-diver repeatedly dreams his 'chute doesn't open, but his wife awakens him each time before he dreams that he hits the ground.
9 The Trophy: A big-game hunter bags a rare black tiger, but the tiger takes its revenge in an unexpected way.





The Lieutenant: In the Vietnam war, an American soldier believes his life is saved by a German officer from another time, another war.
10 Home Is The Hunter: A strange tale of a desperate attempt by Hitler to have Franklin D. Roosevelt assassinated in Washington DC.  


Chet Avery's Lot: John Collum stars as the owner of a space rocket salvage yard who sells an interplanetary booster to an alien who wants to go back home.
11 The Shrine: A 55-minute drama concerning a computer genius who is dying, and who devises a way to control the lives of his family from beyond the grave.


12 The Gatekeeper: What is the secret beneath the rubble of an old San Francisco movie house demolished in an earthquake? (Old-time radio stars here.)


The Perfect Man: The party's search for a perfect political candidate is over. There's only one trouble with this squeaky-clean candidate......
13 A Semi-Private Room: Ruta Lee plays a self-centered woman in a hospital, and her confusion of real memories and imagination.


The Diogenes Syndrome: An advertising executive bumps his head and finds that he cannot do anything but tell the absolute truth.
14 Desperate: John Brandon plays a vagrant who accepts the job of killing the wealthy wife of a playboy, but falls in life with her. (Patricia Barry co-stars.)


The Transplaning of Terry Mcdade: A history professor (Harry Anderson) discovers a way to travel backward in time to elude the sheriff.
15 Bum Steer: Does a panhandler know something about a secret merger plan? The CEO of a huge corporation is desperate to know how a bum found out.


The 23-Pound Clue: Harry Nile chases down missing secret plans lost in a plane crash in the high desert of California in this 1940's-era thriller.
16 Justice Delayed: When he realizes his client is certain to be convicted of murdering his wife, his lawyer formulates a desperate plan to help him escape.


Perfect Likeness: In a rural forest clearing, two girls mysteriously appear to an artist and beg her to paint their picture to help identify their murderer.
17 The Beasts: The ghosts of slaughtered cattle stampede the English dairy farm where a new owner has taken over.


The Tweed Cap: Roddy MacDowell stars as an Irish lad whose best friend refuses to remove his cap under any circumstances.
18 Desperation Island: A domineering man paralyzed in a surgical operation takes his wife, stepson and the surgeon on a frightening boat trip ending in horror.


The Unmasking: In a story set in the 1970s, a World War II vet identifies his new boss as a former Nazi death-camp guard.
19 Siren In The Night: A hypochondriac, alone on a business trip, tries to calm himself in a hotel room far from home, as he fears he is about to die of fright.


The Rubber Clock: What is the secret that enables a Japanese computer-chip company to beat all its competition to each new development?
20 The Robin Hood Heist: Keenan Wynn stars as a reformed (almost) thief who is recruited for one last job that will net him a fortune.


Reunion: Tom Smothers, in his first serious acting role, plays a disoriented war veteran who can't hang onto the reality of his high school reunion.
21 Dead Men: A psychoatrist's patient is convinced he died twenty years before in a motorcycle accident, and wants to know why he's still walking around.


Old Acquaintance: A pretty girl seeking an acting job is recruited by a secret intelligence agency to impersonate a foreign spy.
22 The Garden Of Dr. Shakaji: What is the secret of a holy man from India and statues in his American garden?


The Lonely Ghost Matter Harry Nile is hired to find who - or what - is haunting a UCLA professor whose wife had recently died.
23 Encore: Gilligan's Island co-star Dawn Wells plays a girl who helps an old man and his broken-down Cadillac in the Nevada desert. Is he Elvis grown old??


Lady Down The Line: Just before a killing takes place in a tiny New England village, a mysterious lady appears, and a bus driver knows who she is.
24 Glory Hole: A volatile international oil-drilling crew in Siberia sinks the deepest hole in history, and discovers a bone-chilling horror.


Trades: Dave's World star Harry Anderson teams with WKRP star Richard Sanders in this tale of two men who decide to change places in life.
25 A Person Of Interest: A cast of stars from the 1940's Golden Age of Radio return in a police-procedural whodunnit, a full 55-minute production.


26 The Guest In Room 13: A superstitious traveler spends his last night in a motel room where an unsolved murder took place ten years before.


Night Tapes: Someone is leaving cryptic messages on a photographer's voicemail - someone who knows everything about him.
27 The Cubicle: A timid office worker (Richard Sanders) is spooked by what happens to him whenever he sits down in his tiny new office space.


Stand-In For Murder: P-I Harry Nile takes a cruise to Hawaii, pretending to be a movie star who may be killed aboard the ship.
28 Time Stowaway: A visitor from the future appears aboard an early-day ocean liner, in hopes of obtaining help on a vital experiment.


The Candlewyck Particle: A dying man is made young again, but he pays a heavy price.
29 Quirk: Why has a colony of strange people isolated themselves on a remote New Jersey peninsula??


The Haircut: Harry Anderson plays a screenwriter with a heavy drug habit who tries to con a crippled relative into investing in his next movie.
30 The Procedure: A plastic surgeon is forced to turn an alien from another world into a human-looking entity.


The Door Of Lotim: A collector unearths mankind's first glass artifact, not realizing its unearthly power.
31 Boomerang: A parolee tries to put his life back together in the town where he was tried.


The Squeeze: Eddie Bracken plays a desperate businessman who owes a fortune to the gangsters who financed him.
32 What Makes Dogs Howl: The howl of a dog in a small village preceeds a death, but how does the dog know??


---And Presumed Dead: A traveler gets the chance to begin a new life when he's mistakenly listed as being killed in a plane crash.
33 I Saw What You Did: What does a tormenting phone caller know that would end a mayoral candidate's run for office, and what can be done about it??


Time Zone: Harry Anderson stars as the editor of a weekly newspaper in the 1930s, accidentally visited by a time traveler with a faulty laptop computer.
34 Champ: A lonely wife enlists a handsome laborer to kill her husband for her, in this twist on the plot of "Double Idemnity."


Hard Evidence: A blackmailer threatens to reveal a scandal in the life of a presidential candidate, until his wife enters the picture with a solution.
35 Sic Transit Gloria Walden: When a supermarket tabloid trashes their reputations, two movie stars plot the murder of the publisher who printed the lies.


Surgery At Gunpoint: A prominent surgeon must operate on an injured Mafia boss or his wife and children will be killed.
36 Three Wise Men: A retired B-52 pilot is recruited by his former commander to fly a secret nuclear strike mission against an ally in this full 55-minute play.


37 Gravtrak 449: In the mid-21st century, a magically levitated supersonic train meets with disaster deep below ground.


For This, I Bought A New Suit: Private Eye Harry Nile is hired to guard priceless gems, but someone heists them anyway.
38 Before The Devil Knows You're Dead: The only survivor of a plane crash vows never to fly again, but to keep his job, he must take one last flight.


Welcome To Utopia: A couple flees the dangers of city life to settle on an island that seems the perfect retreat, until they learn its one big flaw.
39 A Gift From Stacy: Grieving parents rejoice in giving a home to a young woman who reminds them of their long-dead daughter, but they don't know her secret.


Death By Delivery: When a young pizza deliveryman discovers who murdered his favorite customer, the killer returns to kill him too.
40 Favor For A Friend: Private Eye Harry Nile helps unload a coffin from a train, then finds it's occupied by a traveling card shark escaping his last con. Hans Conried guest stars.

: 12/15/96

A Betting Man: A compulsive gambler loses a bet and his lovely daughter is betrothed to the winner, but Dad has a trick up his sleeve.
41 Maybe There Is A Santa Claus: Harry Nile searches for a lost war veteran during the Christmas season.


Macumber's Miracle Tonic: A legend told by an old department store Santa about a pioneer Christmas.
42 Moving Day : Discovery of an old pair of spectacles brings back to life cherished times in an old house, in this New Year's Eve comedy.


The New Leaf: New Year's Eve partiers urge a doctor to tell their straight-laced friend he has only 6 months to live, to see what he'll was a bad idea.

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