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Episode Guide 1997

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1997 Imagination Theatre Episodes  (Order by number)


Full House

Tom Smothers stars as a writer who rents an old Hollywood mansion and meets the ghosts of several great stars.



The Night Crew

Is a supermarket haunted after closing time???

Fear, Itself

The author of a string of best-selling horror novels becomes the victim of his own deep-rooted fears when fellow writers gang up on him.  


Ask Me Any Question A young man is obsessed with an amusement-zone robot fortune teller whom he allows to guide his life.
45 Rembrandt The tale of a frontier artist who paints his way across the untamed West.  


Short Story A circus cowboy plots the murder of the man he thinks is romancing his girlfriend, the lovely bareback rider.
46 Avalon Private eye Harry Nile seeks a runaway bride, and discovers the evil reason she fears her groom and his mother.  


The Airflow Murders Intrigue surrounds the introduction of a radical new car in the Depression years in Detroit.
47 The Mannequin A middle-aged man is convinced a window-store dummy is really his younger self.  



My Name Is Noah Singlet And I'm Dead A ghastly walking corpse terrorizes a small town.
48 The Risk An insurance agent helps a customer defraud the company, but greed is contagious-- and deadly.  



League Of The Lost A series of sudden disappearances lead to a weird experiment in the hills of New England.
49 The Great God Donald WKRP's Richard Sanders and Northern Exposure's Peg Phillips co-star in a weird story of a man who never grew up.  


Flight Plan A light plane carrying the pilot and a mysterious girl passenger crashes in the Sierra Nevadas.
50 The Survivor After a cataclysmic poison gas war, Joe thinks he's the last person alive, until he discovers Sharon. And life is sweet again until........  


Malibu It's another Harry Nile case, this time the kidnapping of a movie producer's glamorous daughter he was hired to protect.
51 The Dowager The old limousine had belonged to the meanest man in town; although he's dead, his spirit seems to live in the back seat of the old Cadillac.  


Corpus Delicti A deranged man confesses to every killing in New York City, but the police finally believe him when an old woman is murdered.
52 The Appointment A dying man hires a snipeo kill him quickly when he is alone in the mountains; but then he learns he can be cured - but he can't call off his execution.  


Authenticity A billionaire Texan buys an old English manor house and has it transported to his ranch. But when he demanded the estate be kept authentic to the last detail, he went too far.
53 Felicia A mystery woman phones a reporter to tell him a bridge is about to collapse, and when it does, Kincaid digs up a haunting fact about his caller.  


Blind Spot The President is developing an errie problem: he sees the image of his dead father wherever he looks. And some of his cabinet have a similar problem.
54 The Merle Oberon Negligee An eccentric Englishman hires two retired movie costumers to steal the fabulous nightgown Merle Oberon wore in Wuthering Heights.  


Concerto For Charlie An unwilling piano prodigy discovers something strange about his overprotective auntie.
55 Pleasantville After being assulted on the street, a man awakes in a delightful small town with a nagging feeling that something's oddly distorted there.  


Departure A band of extraterrestrials is being called back from their life on Earth, but one of them is reluctant to go.
56 Beacon 3699 A guilt-ridden old man returns to the city where as a teenager his reckless driving killed his parents, and he thinks he is able to talk to them on the phone.  


Amazon House Dominated by his healthy wife, a ne'er-do-well husband plots her elaborate death.
57 The Vilkman Theory An expert on werewolves takes a reporter with him on a quest for evidence of an outbreak, to test his theory.  


Mayday Signal The captain of a 747 airliner hears a desperate call for help from a World 2 fighter pilot on his radio, whose mayday distress signal has somehow spanned fifty years' time.
58 A Vacation With Bullets Someone is trying to kill Private detective Harry Nile, and Harry has no place to run.  


Gag Reflex An aging comic is about to lose his job at a comedy club when he discovers his dentist is a treasure trove of humor.
59 You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet The ghost of Al Jolson wants to get on the old Johnny Carson show, and with the right spirit medium, he just might do it!  


The Executioner A man is convinced his hateful thoughts can kill people.
60 The Case Of The Nasty Niece Harry Nile's client is a greedy woman who wants to control her uncle's fortune.  


Transition There are some state secrets even the President doesn't know.....
61 The Jake Burley Matter Harry Nile faces a killer in a year-old robbery, and risks death from two sides.  


Murder On The Mississippi A group of visitors cruise doen the Mississippi, but one of them doesn't return.
62 Along A Dark Road When a motorist gets lost in a lightning storm, he stumbles into a place that existed in the past.  


The Offering Of The Gulls Did the strange American really discover a cache of gold near the Gulf of Mexico?
63 The Last Of Simeon Buell A miner disappears in a silver mine, but his partner hasn't heard the last of him.  


Josephine A supernatural love story.
64 Photo Finish Harry Nile hunts for the reason a fast horse finished last at Santa Anita.  


The Exiles In a future society, there is no room for a free thinker, or a reporter who asks too many questions.
65 Habitat What if you woke up and found you were living the same day that you'd lived the day before.  


Clear Channel A radio engineer's home-made experiment causes an effect he didn't plan on.
66 Harry Dabbles In Oil Harry Nile's clients are rich Texan oilmen who hire Harry to help them stake a claim before the bad guys do.  



Strange Reunion A cruptic invitation to a reunion brings a death threat.
67 Figueroa Street Harry Nile must find out the secret being hidden by a taxi-driver who shows up with new bruises every night.  


Saturday, It Rained An old woman living in a lonely shack in a swamp is held hostage by an escaped murderer.
68 Happy Birthday The young son of a poor farm couple discovers a strange visitor to his birthday party.  


Dark In The Street A fearful old man protects a secret he's kept in his apartment for decades.
69 Picture A Murder A woman finds her boss' unwelcome attentions can be warded off if she just visualizes hard enough.  


The Payoff It appears a crooked priest and a bad cop are at work in a city where a gambling den is opening.
70 Shortcut A woman thinks she's killed a man with her car, and her friend tries to help her cover up the deed.  


The Summer House There's something strange about the beach cabin a family rented; another family seems to be living there too - an invisible family.
71 Static An old TV set is picking up an urgent plea from a young woman of the future, who wants to go back in time.  


The Custom Job A skilled burglar takes a commission to get valuables from a casket in a memorial park.
72 Those Against Hayden A by-the-book small town cop is suspended when his hot pursuit results in a fatal crash.



It's About Time A strange little shop sells a man a watch that does more than tells stops it!
73 Case Of The Matinee Murder Private Eye Harry Nile investigates a shooting in a movie theater.




A Message From The Other Side A new bride fears she is under the spell of her dead first husband.

The Flaw

Bob Crane Stars as a screen writer whose wife has to fix all of his scripts because there is always a flaw at the end.



A Blade Of Grass

Why is an astronaut, the only survivor of a space disaster, kept away from the rest of the world?


Calendar Girl

Harry Nile's client is a movie hopeful whose boyfriend made promises he can't keep - because he's dead.



Warm Night In Bunche County

In this science fiction thriller, a UFO expert comes to a small midwest town to investigate some very strange sightings.
76 Comedy In Threes Acts

When his gambling debts mount, a young actor steals his wife's precious jewelry to raise money.



Star Light, Star Bright

Sighting a UFO during the days of horse-and-buggys, is a weird experience for a little girl - - who will ever believe her?


The Wandering Wife Matter

Special Guest Bill Macy from "Fargo" stars as a war hero who hires Harry Nile to get evidence against his wife.



Night Rider

In a chilling tale of the supernatural, a benevolent truck driver gives a strange ride to a young mother.


The Lagoon

A desperate man plots to murder his employer by dumping a shark into his private lagoon.



The Last Resort

There's a strange secret appeal about this obscure little island - there's never any crime…


Anything The Mind Can Conceive

A little power is a very dangerous thing. Find out why as a young man learns that the secret mind control technique he's purchased allows him to do almost anything.



The $20 Trackdown

In this episode, Harry Nile is so hard up that he has to take a lowly missing persons case - but it turns into something really ugly.


The Latecomer

Find out just how powerful the guilt ridden mind can be - particularly when there's really nothing to be guilty about.



A Death On E.89th

An evil landlord learns the lesson of his life when he attempts to demolish the lives of his tenants.


Uncle John's Trouble

How could this eccentric old man so accurately predict the future - was he crazy, or not?



The Black Widow.

Quarrelsome twin brothers hire Harry Nile to prevent their dying father's new wife from grabbing the family fortune.


Game Of Chance

Before the end of The Cold War, a CIA espionage case involved this young mother and her child, being held behind the Iron Curtain.



First Hand

Wondering what it's really like to die, a young novelist forces his doctor to help him find out - first hand.


Back Door To Hell

This is the saga of the legendary "Robin Hood of Texas" and a young boy who runs away to be his sidekick.



State of Mind

While house sitting for an old professor, a research scientist experiences the result of the old man's experiments in time and survival after death.


You're A Long Time Dead

This is a twisted tale of a mischievous old fisherman in Newfoundland who fakes his own death to defraud his insurance company.



Murder Among Nice People.

In this classic Hollywood murder mystery, the outcome isn't what anybody expects.

The Place

Tabloid-T.V. news reporter Mike Kincaid gets a little too close to the action and gets caught up in a robbery.



Crime In A Bottle

Private eye Harry Nile obliges an old bum on the street and ends up solving a long standing Seattle murder mystery.


Taxi Ride

A taxi-cab takes an unwitting passenger back in time to take a mysterious look at his past.




The Seer Of Sutter St.

An elderly man reports a murder that hasn't even happened yet - but the San Francisco police take him very seriously.




The Hole In The Sky

A secret US weapon blast open a portal to another dimension, where the year is 1945



The Passenger

A mysterious passenger on a tramp freighter in the South Pacific takes over the lives of the Captain and a newlywed couple.




Trial At Wolftrap

Patty Duke and John Astin star in a tale of survival in the wilderness against natures deadliest predator.




Lessor Of Two Evils

If you're a doctor asked to save a notorious mob boss, do you? Find out in this tale of mystery and suspense.


The Last Thing Laura Said

When a popular young teacher dies, she leaves a note that points to her killer.



Side Effect

A physician discovers that a new drug gives those who take it short term telepathic powers. The trouble is you know all of the horrible thoughts everyone around you is having.


Blood Ties

In this special hour-long episode, Harry Nile returns to Chicago for his father's funeral and discovers that his kid brother is in deep trouble with a notorious mafia boss.




Angels Flight

On December 6, 1941, Harry Nile has a very strange day. He loses a high society job, helps a Mexican widow and wakes up to learn of the attack on Pearl Harbor.




The Possession Of Victor Fraley

An American tourist is injured in a bus crash in the Pyrenees mountains and acquires the mind and memory of a locally notorious criminal.


Ulterior Motive

The New York city police department deals with a man who compulsively confesses to every crime he reads about. But this time, it looks as if he really is the guilty party.




The Silver Egg

In this fantasy set in ancient times, a mysterious artifact hints at interplanetary visitors.


The Mary   Christmas Caper

Harry Nile helps a woman who finds herself alive on Christmas Eve, but with no memory of who she is or how got in a stolen car.



  Moving Day

When an aging couple packs up their belongings to move to a smaller condo, they discover their old house holds some long lost memories they didn't know anything about.




Bauman & The Box

Harry Anderson stars in a repeat performance as Allen Fields, an ambitious young magician determined to get his hands on a baffling new illusion.



The Haunted Plumbing of Harold Poole

Can a marriage of convenience work out? Harold Poole finds out when he decides he's had enough - But Carolina just won't disappear.