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Mama Has A Gift An English Psychic is losing her ability to fortell the future.


The Cleanup Man A mysterious stranger is killing off petty criminals in a small town.
252 Harry Nile:
Rachel's Dream
A girl's lost memory leads harry to a murderer.


Signs Of Rain A Fantasy that shuffles fact and fiction with the future and the past.
253 Storybook Inn A new tale of a couple whose idyllic honeymoon is spoiled by teh weird old woman who runs an inn in the backwoods Maine. Starring Richard Sanders(WKRP), Cynthia Geary(Northern Exposure), ZoAunne LeRoy(The Truman Show), and Larry Albert(The Fugitive)


Dark In The Street Classic cliffhanger about an old man who is convinced that burglars are after a treasure he's hidden.



A brand-new production of a 1978 script about wartime London and a case for Scotland Yard.



Harry Nile:
Murder On A Rainy Night

harry nile is asked to solve the myster of a man who was lured over a thousand miles to his death.


The New Leaf
New Years Eve party goers convinc a doctor to tell a straight laced bachelor friend of theirs that he has only 6 monthes to live, hoping he'll get out of his rut and have some fun. 

Sherlock Holmes :
The Adventure of The Samovar

Sherlock Holmes discovers why a burglar stole a Russian tea-making device and ignored the more valuable silver one.


Dead And Breakfast

A Los Angeles cop and his selfish wife visit a picturesque and historic home in Port Angeles, Washington. But, is it Haunted?

The Gadget

A downhearted salesman meets a man who sells him a gadget guaranteed to make him a success.



John Brandon plays a vagrant who accepts the job of killing the wealthy wife of a playboy, but falls in love with her.


Harry Nile:
The Friends of Jules

A brand new double length "Harry Nile" adventure. A stark Tragedy brings Harry back to Chicago, and the family he left there.



High Concept

A writer must get his stolen screenplay back, or lose a future.


My Name Is Noah Singlet And Im Dead

A revolting corpse-like man confronts three different women, in a small town.


Something For Everyone
Michael Kincaid, The Strangeseeker, investigates an isolated town that hasn't had a crime committed in over a year. Featuring "Northern Exposure" star Cynthia Geary


The Projectionist A brash teenage theater usher discovers the unearthly truth about the man who projects the films in a small town movie house.
261 Harry Nile:
Elisa's Pool
Harry Nile gets involved with a free spending disc jockey and his missing wife.


Game of Chance
Before the end of The Cold War, a CIA espionage case involved this young mother and her child, being held behind the Iron Curtain.

Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure of the Edison Sender

A brand new Sherlock Holmes Adventure! Holmes' brother, Mycroft, enlists teh aid of Dr. Watson for some unusual undercover work.


The Candlewick Particle

As a wealthy man awaits his death, a researcher tells him he has discovered the secret of perpetual youth in a drop of an elderly man's blood.


A fun zone fortuneteller is hired by a young woman to find out who her mother is.


Concerto For Charlie

A domineering aunt controls her nephew's life, until he makes a startling discovery.

     Harry Nile :
Slant City

Harry Nile tries to protect a crippled newise form a mob assassin.


      Bauman And The Box

A treacherous magician will do anything to obtain a baffling illusion form a retired European conjuror. Featuring "Night Court" and "Dave's World" star, Harry Anderson.

The House on Brookside Lane

Why would someone pay a million dollars for a sixty-year old middle class house?


Comedy In Three Acts A down on his luck actor faces the theft of his wife's jewel to cash in on the insurance.

   Sherlock Holmes:
The Quartermain Curse

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigate the strange death of an English archeologist. Was it murder, or a curse? Featuring Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati" 04/22/01

The Beasts

An abandoned diary farm is haunted by the ghosts of its cattle.

Harry Nile:
Ten Percent of Nothing

Harry Nile opens his case files to a radio mystery writer, with murderous results. 04/29/01

  Trial At Wolftrap

A man is badly injured when he steps into a wolf trap deep in the woods, and his pregnant wife must battle a murderous old squatter who has taken over their cabin.
268 Broadcast From Big Falls A joint Russian-US space mission faces a desperate problem. Will they make it out alive. 05/06/01
The Thing In The Woods A post-Armageddon story about a family fleeting an unknown peril deep in the woods.
269 The Transplanting of Terry McDade A history teacher(Harry Anderson) invents a device that sends him and his students into the past. 05/13/01
Homecoming A house triggers memories in a young woman, of a life she never lived.

Harry Nile:
The Value of Details

Harry Nile helps an old pal after his friend's mountain lodge burns down. 05/20/01

Gag Reflex

An aging comic is about to lose his job at a comedy club, when he discovers his dentist is a treasure trove of humor.

Sherlock Holmes:
The Estonian Countess

Dr. Watson comes to the aid of Mycroft Holmes in teh resurrection of a dead man. 05/27/01

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

A traveler refuses to fly because he was once the only survivor of an airliner crash. But now he has to fly, or lose his job.


In an effort to escape the boredom of his retirement ome and the realities of a world he's grown to old to enjoy, an retired newspaperman takes a daily bus ride to nowhere in particular. Until one day....... 06/03/01
Corpus Delicti Is an old man's wife away visiting a relative or did he put her away, permanently?

Harry Nile:
Submarine Warfare

Harry Nile must find out if the owner of a submarine sandwich shop is the victim of vandals, or a budding murderer. 06/10/01
Flight Plan A light plane, carrying the pilot and a mysterious young woman, crashes in teh Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Sherlock Holmes:
The Secret of The Fives

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are engaged by the American government ot find out who is threatening to destroy buildings n Washington D.C. 06/17/01

The Face is Familiar

Is it a case of mistaken identity or the final discovery of a murder?

 Kincaid :
New Guy At The Morgue

Kincaid, The Strange Seeker, digs up the facts on missing cadavers at the morgue, but, will he join them. Featuring "WKRP in Cincinnati" star Richard Sanders 06/24/01


A woman falls in love with a man who is obsessed with the memory of his dead wife.


Louis L'Amour Theater:
Merrano of The Dry Country

The premiere episode of Louis L'Amour Theater. A heart warming story of courage and honor, set on the southwest plains of New Mexico.


277    Rule 7 Two American asronauts and two Russian cosmonauts, are on the first manned mission to Mars, when something goes wrong. 07/08/01


A seventies tale of a GO-GO dancer, a mind reader and a cabaret owner figure in a mysterious story of coincidence or psycic power.
278 Sherlock Holmes:
School For Scoundrels
A brand new chapter in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", and introducing John PatrickLowrie as Holmes. Holmes is engaged by an independently minded young woman to track down the man who swindled her father and broke her heart. 07/15/01
The Franklin Phantom Suspicion followsa horror novelist into a respectable retirement home.
279 Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Mauritius Orange
Our favorite private eye is back at it again, as a collector hires Harry Nile to protect a proceless stamp. 07/22/01
The Outlaw At Emmett's Cafe Teh owner of a small town cafe decides to become a hero when he believes one of his customers is gangster "Pretty Boy" Floyd.
280 Kincaid:
An Appointment In Time
Kincaid, Teh Strange Seeker, uncovers a secret government time travel experiment. Will Kincaid be lost in time forever. 07/29/01

The Lesser of Two Evils

If you're a docotor, and are asked to save the life of a notorious prohibition gangster. Do you save a life, or take one?


Louis L'Amour Theater:
Down The Pogonip Trail

Another Episode of Louis L'Amour Theater. A poor farmer gets an unwanted houseguest.


282 Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Feline Fee
Harry Nile takes on the case of a tax accountant who's afraid she knows too much about one of her clients, and it may kill her. 08/12/01

The Lagoon

A desperate man plots to murder his employer by dumping a shark into his boss's private lagoon.
283 Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure of The Dover Maiden
Holmes and Watson are on their way to one case when another one develops before their eyes, involving a gunshot a coil of rope and a corpse-less murder 08/19/01
The Looophole An aging victim of corporate downsizing plots a way to defraud his insurance company. Featuring Hans Conreid.

The Voice of Alec Bellamy

A radio personality with a star complex meets retribution. 08/26/01

First Hand Experience

A writer's obsession with realism leads to disaster, when he tries to court death with the help of a young doctor.


Louis L'Amour Theater:
Booty For A Bad Man

A washed up miner is selected to bring a group of miners claims across bandit filled mountains. Will he make it alive or not?



Harry Nile:
The Case of The Compromised Cop

Harry Nile's client is a policeman who saw his friend commit a murder, but is certain that if he reports it he'll be killed 09/09/01

Winward House

A mystery writer discovers the old stone cottage he bought contains the real life version of the fictional tale he is writing.

The Find

A brand new adventure with "Kincaid, The Strange Seeker". At an archaeological site in China teh dogtags of a missing American G.I., are found embedded in the middle of a rock that is over 100 years old! 09/16/01

     Disturbance on Nob Hill

A Shooting in an upper class neighborhood exposes a family secret. Featuring Russell Johnson.

 Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure of The Wycliffe Codicil

A new Sherlock Holmes adventure: one that has Holmes and Watson delving deep into the mystery of a dead brother, a wastrel son and the secrets of a tower room. 09/23/01

  Those Against Hayden

A by-the Book small town policeman is suspended when his hot pursuit chase results in a fatal crash. Featuring 40's and 50's film and TV star Guy Madison.

      Harry Nile:
The Set-UP

A mother and daughter need to find a certain psychologist because they're worried about "his" mental state, hire Harry Nile. Featuring Cynthia Lauren Tewes, "Julie" of "The Love Boat" 09/30/01

You're A Long Time Dead

This twisted tale of a mischievous old fisherman in New Foundland, who fakes his own death to defraud hsi insurance company. Featuring John Aylward of "ER"


Louis L'Amour Theater:
Four Card Draw

A slick gambler wins a deed to a ranch in a card game. What will he do with it?


291 Kincaid:
A Work In Progress
An elderly woman in a nursing home tells Kincaid that she and the Strangseeker were lovers 29 years before he was born. 10/14/01

Perfect Likeness

An Artist meets two girls who ask her to paint their portraits. Town records show however, the girls had been murdered the year before.
292 Harry Nile :
The Case of The Lisping Lover
It's Los Angeles in 1942 and a possible client who sounds an awful lot like a certain "Maltese Falcon" - chasing toughguy contacts Harry Nile. 10/21/01
The Unmasking A World War II vet identifies his new boss as a former Nazi death camp guard. With: Ray Court, Arthur Cahn, Vern Taylor, Dick Arnold, and Jim French.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Tuttman Gallery

A new double length Sherlock Holmes adventure. A monster is on a gruesome killing spree in London. Can Sherlock solve thistwisted crime?



Louis L'Amour Theater:
Get Out Of Town.

A just released ex-con gets a second chance as a ranch hand for a mother and son team. How will the town take this new man in town?



Harry Nile:
The SouthernDoublecross

Harry Nile heads south to investigate a possible real estate swindle and finds that, in New Orleans they have their own way of doing things. Featuring Russell Johnson of "Gilligan’s Island" 11/11/01

The Guest In Room 13

A superstitious traveler learns the motel room he's staying in was once the scene of a very bloody murder.

Sherlock Holmes:
The Bee And The Spider

A brand new Holmes and Watson adventure! Mycroft Holmes has learned of an assassination plot against King Edward. He’s certain only his younger brother can prevent any harm from coming to the monarch, but Sherlock Holmes has retired to Sussex Downs to raise Bees 11/18/01

     The Miller

Two Nuns stranded in the jungle after their plane crashes encounter a mysterious old man and his brother.

The Place

Kincaid, The Strange Seeker, investigates a gang of bank robbers who leave behind the fingerprints of dead men. 11/25/01

  Taxi Ride

A desperate passenger, with a terrible secret, rides with a strange cabby.


Louis L'Amour Theater:
Riding For The Brand

A man left for dead in the Nevada desert, finds a letter and a pair of six-guns. He assumes the identity of another and tries to save an inherited ranch.


299 Harry Nile :
Murder in Miniature
A former Austrian diplomat hires Harry Nile to find out who is leaving his family hate mail and mutilating his daughters dolls. 12/9/01


A trucker gives a ride to a haunted young woman and her baby.
300 Morning' Steve Richard Sanders of WKRP in Cincinnati appears in this whimisical piece of role reversal. 12/16/01
The Hole In The Sky A top secret weapon tears a hole in time and space and Air Force One flies into it. Featuring old time radio greats Bob Hastings, Harry Bartell, Lawrence Dobkin, Tyler McVey, Gil Stratton, Sandra Gould, Rhoda Williams & Art Gilmore.

Sherlock Holmes:
The Man Who Believed In Nothing

A brand new adventure of Sherlock Holmes. In this Victorian Christmas story, Holmes and Watson are out to recover a troubled priest's most precious possession.

The Santa Test
It's Kincaid, the Strangeseeker, hot on the trail of Kris Kringle. A young girl claims to have undeniable proof of the existence of Santa Claus in this brand new holiday episode.
302 Harry Nile :
The Case of The Blue Leather Chair
Harry Nile is hired by a Seattle industrialist to find out if a psychic's prediction about his death on New Years Eve contains any possible truth. 12/30/01
Moving Day A house gives up its memories when a family prepares to move out.

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