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Louis L’Amour Theater:
Bill Carey Rides West
A ranch foreman tries to find out if a competing outfit is stealing his boss’s cattle from right under his nose
Sherlock Holmes:
The Moriarty Ressurrection
Episode 67 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." In this special double length episode, Holmes and Watson find that the dark strain of the late Professor Moriarty can still reach out from the grave to cause havoc and death.
A double length tale of a series of apparently motiveless wartime murders in the blacked out London of World War II.
Raffles, The
Gentleman Thief:
The Ardagh Emeralds
Episode 10 of "Raffles, The Gentleman Thief." Can Raffles be so down on his luck as to be reduced to playing the gigolo to a wealthy man's daughter, or is there another goal in his mind?
Trial At Wolfe Trap
It's the middle of the night in a dark forest and a very pregnant woman battles to protect herself and her badly injured husband from the evil intent of a sinister mountain man. Featuring Oscar winner Patty Duke and TV star (The Addams Family& Night Court) John Astin.
Harry Nile:
Power Play
As Harry Nile tries to find who's the company spy in a high-stakes investment business, people start having personal disasters, like murder, and our boy gets caught in the crossfire.
Ask Me Any Question
Does an antique fortune-telling machine really know everything about the future?
Louis L’Amour Theater:
McNelly Knows A Ranger
Chic Bowdrie is back and this time he’s tracking down a man who has strangely disappeared from a small western town.
More Deaths Than One Must Die
The premiere episode of our new present day mystery series, especially created for Imagination Theater by Matthew Booth. "The Chronicles Of Anthony Rathe". In this special double length story we join Anthony Rathe, a retired criminal lawyer, as he tries to solve two brutal murders.
Harry Nile:
The Pink Bicycle
Once upon a time Harry Nile had a client who not only turned out to be an embezzler, but stiffed him as well. Said client committed suicide rather than face the music, or did she?
The Garden Of Dr. Shakaji
The next time someone tells you to "stop and smell the roses" remember this eerie tale of an East Indian Doctor and his garden of statues.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Three Students
Episode 2 of "The Classic Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes." This time It’s Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Holmes story of opportunism, cheating and lost honor.
The Haunted Plumbing Of Harold Poole
We’ve all heard of plumbing backing up, but what if instead of leaving water all over the floor, your pipes started talking to you and accusing you of murder? That’s what’s happening to Harold and it’ll take more than a new washer to fix the problem.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Keep Travelin' Rider
After two years away, Tack Gentry returns to find his uncle dead and his land taken over by a gang of roughnecks.
Harry Nile:
P.T. Barnum Was Right
When the bills come due and we’re short of cash we may have to do something we’d rather not. Harry Nile takes on a case that in flusher times he wouldn’t touch and gets a headache, a dead guy and a catchy tune he can’t get out of his head.
The Impropriety Of Anna Tisdale
A charming tale of English pluck, American commerce and ghosts.
Sherlock Holmes:
Stroke Of Justice
Episode 68 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" Someone has stolen fifty thousand pounds from one of the most secure vaults in England, and the night watchman is missing. Can Holmes and Watson find the connection, if there is one, and the thieves?
The Tabloid Twosome
Two actresses conspire to kill the publisher of a weekly scandal sheet because of the lies he’s printed about them.
Ducking The Rain
A special double length mystery set in Los Angeles of the 1940’s with lots of noir type guys, dolls, wisecracks and a private dick named Austin Healy.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
A Job For A Ranger
An innocent man is killed during a bank robbery and it’s Chic Bowdrie’s task to find out who did it.
Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Bogus Bettor
A frantic phone call from a distraught woman and Harry Nile has to discover why her husband refuses to make any kind of a sound at all, with his only clues being a gas station receipt, a high school yearbook and a roll of duct tape.
The Cubicle
What if our nightmares are the reality we live in and our waking time is the true dream world? A mild mannered office clerk desperately hopes it’s the reverse.
Kincaid, The Strangeseeker:
Shrink Wrapped
A brand new adventure with Kincaid, the Strangeseeker. The government wants the crew from IC to look into the theft of a good many high level secrets. Why come to Kincaid? Because he can get into places Q-tips can’t.
The Merle Oberon Negligee
Only in Hollywood. An out of work movie studio costume dresser sets out to steal the bed room garment worn in Kathy’s death bed scene from the 1939 film classic "Wuthering Heights."
Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure Of The Invisible Hand
Episode 69 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A classic "locked room" murder for Holmes and Watson to solve; there’s simply no way anyone could have gotten into the victims office, killed him and escaped without being seen. Simply no way.
The Mannequin
A middle-aged man is convinced that a store dress dummy has stolen his youth.
Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime
This is another of our adaptations of short stories by the masters. This time it’s Oscar Wilde’s comedic tale of precognition and murder
A Box Of Chocolates
Not all mysteries come out of extraordinary circumstances. There are times when the most commonplace can take us into the darkest of places.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Booty For A Bad Man
A washed up miner is selected to bring a group of miner’s claims across bandit filled mountains.
Harry Nile:
Writing Wrongs
It seemed a simple case for Harry Nile; take a piece of jewelry from point A to point B, what could go wrong? For most folks probably nothing, but then Harry isn’t most people.
There are some things that are just our, things we share with no other human on the planet, fingerprints being one. But what happens if an innocent man’s prints are found at a murder scene and he wasn’t anywhere in the area where the crime took place?
Sherlock Holmes:
The Mazarin Stone
Episode 3 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A crown diamond is stolen and Holmes is brought in to solve the case. He decides the only way to do it is by playing the violin and by inviting a man to Baker Street whose main intent is to murder the Great Detective.
Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead
When it’s your time to die, there’s no getting away from it…or is there? This is the story of a man who missed his appointment with death and would like to keep it that way.
Kerides, The Thinker
Alexandria, Egypt in the year 276 BC, a long time ago to be sure, but even then there were murders and they have to be solved. Enter a young Greek lad fresh off the boat, with a mind for logic and a nose for trouble.
Family Ties
The relatives are coming for a visit, only are you certain that’s what they really are?
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Down The Pogonip Trail
A poor farmer gets an unwanted housguest with a questionable past.
Hillary Caine:
Mystery Repeats Itself
Tittle - Tattle magazine's in-house "Girl Detective" Hilary Caine returns in her fourth adventure for Imagination Theater.  It's murder most foul, but was it one killing or two, and how is it that Hilary is the alibi for the very man everyone says did it, including the victims?
Power Failure
Two men Trapped in an elevator during a thunderstorm, a claustrophobic U.S. Marshall and his handcuffed captive. 
Sherlock Holmes:
The Case Of The Remarkable Worm
Episode 70 of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."  This is the tale of Isadore Persano.... Who was found stark staring mad with a matchbox in front of him...containing a remarkable worm...unknown to science.
The Gypsy
It is said that art imitates life; if that is so, then can it also seek revenge? 
Harry Nile:
The Arsonist's Letter
In the restaurant business it's location, location, location and when a restauranteur receives arson threats if he builds his new eatery on a specific site, he hires Harry Nile to get to the bottom of the "lot plot".
High Concept
A writer must get his stolen screenplay back, or lose a future.  
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Law Of The Desert Born
A jailed cattle rustler's expertise is called upon to track down a killer. Will he run at the first chance of freedom?
Harry Nile:
The Waitress and The Wheelman
Why is it whenever Harry Nile visits his family in Chicago something always seems to happen?  This time it involves a case of  arson, silver dollars and the memory of a waitress called Lotte Giza. Featuring Cynthia Lauren Tewes.
The Man Who Could Fly
The writer of action novels is obsessed with the idea that his characters come to life late at night. 
Sherlock Holmes:
The Inspector Of Graves
Episode 71 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes."  Are there problems the solutions of which are better left unsolved?  This is a question that confronts Holmes and Watson during their investigation of a case that leads to opening a grave and scaring an elderly mother half to death.  Featuring Cynthia Lauren Tewes.
Night Tapes
A private detective (Not Harry Nile) is hired to discover who is leaving threatening messages on a photographers answering machine and why. 
A Woman's Work Is Never Done
Guest star Russell Johnson takes the lead in this tale of an embittered farmer and the price he's asked to pay for the dreams of another he destroyed.
The Best Thing For Shelia
How can a woman in a coma gain complete power over others? 
Kincaid, The Strangeseeker:
The Reluctant Vampire
An adventure of Kincaid, the Strangeseeker. Has Shelly finally met the man of her dreams?  Or will he turn out to be someone from her nightmares?
The Loophole
Legendary radio, film and television actor Hans Conreid stars in this tale of devotion betrayed, corporate greed and a good man forced to take extreme measures to survive. 
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Grub Line Riders
A cowhand plans to homestead some unclaimed land. What he doesn't know is that a local rancher and gunfighter have an unspoken claim on the property.
Harry Nile:
The Dying Game
It's an eternal truth; old people die, but when a nursing home's annual rate of elderly deaths is higher than normal, Harry is brought in to find out if someone might be helping nature in cutting down on the surplus population. Guest starring Russell Johnson and Paul Herlinger.
The House On Brookside Lane
Why would an old man pay a million dollars for a sixt-year old house that isn't worth that much?
Kincaid, The Strangeseeker :
Something For Everyone
A tale from the files of Kincaid, The Strangeseeker. A town where not one single crime's been committed in over a year, not even jaywalking? Sounds made to order for our folks from the Investigative Channel doesn't it, maybe too made to order? Guest starring Cynthia Geary of Northern Exposure.
The Passing Of Soapy Smith
The true story of the last months in the life of notorious Klondike Gold Rush character Jefferson "Soapy" Smith.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Veiled Lodger
Episode 4 of "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Affairs of the heart usually don't come into the purview of Mr. Sherlock Holmes but when it involves a murder, a mysteriously masked renter and the activities of two savage brutes, only one of whom is human, well it sound made to order four our Baker Street sleuth wouldn't you think?
A Tiny Problem
This is a story to make you glad it's only a story, unless you're living it right now. It's a tale about a visit form the relative from___. You fill in teh blank after you 've heard the play. Guest starring Peg Phillips from "Northern Exposure".