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Louis L’Amour Theater:
Black Rock Coffin Makers

A stranger appears in the town of Black Rock and is mistaken for a marked man.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Death of Artemus Ludwig
A young teacher comes to Holmes, begging the great detective to stop a man who seems bent on taking over the educator’s life.
Desperation Island
A bitter and domineering man forces his wife and son to take a dangerous trip.
Harry Nile:
The Pete Lambert Case
A timid man who keeps having near fatal accidents comes to Harry Nile for help. Will he take on the case?
Latent Image
A portrait painter is obsessed with his current model, until he finds out who she really is.
The Night Crew
What happens in a supermarket after midnight?
Something In The Mind
Is a grieving widow really hearing the ghost of her dead husband-playing piano.
Louis L’Amour Grub Line Riders
A cowhand plans to homestead some unclaimed land. What he doesn’t know is that a local rancher and gunfighter have an unspoken claim on the land.
Harry Nile:
The Sam Navola Matter
Harry Nile gets unwanted help from a very odd Private Eye. Featuring John Ratzenberger (Cliff the mailman) of "Cheers".
The Cubicle
A timid office worker is spooked by what happens to him whenever he sits down to work in his tiny new office cubicle. Featuring Richard Sanders.
Sherlock Holmes:
36 Thayer Street
A thrilling new episode of "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". Is Sherlock Holmes dead? He must be, Dr. Watson has just sent a bullet crashing into his brain.
A Blade of Grass
Why is the sole survivor of a space disaster being kept from public view? .



How it all started; the very first episode of "Kincaid the Strange Seeker". A woman calls the reporter to tell him a bridge is about to collapse. When it does Kincaid digs up some "haunting" facts about his caller.
The Doomsday Clock
A man fears his inheritance of a curious old clock might prove deadly
Louis L’Amour The Sixth Shotgun
A cowhand plans to homestead some unclaimed land. What he doesn’t know is that a local rancher and gunfighter have an unspoken claim on the land.
Harry Nile:
The Bosendorfer Matter
Harry Nile must find out who killed a woman whose fortune may or may not be hidden in her house. Featuring Russell Johnson of Gilligan’s Island
Scene of The Crime
A paroled murderess tries to restart her life in a small town.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure of the Farnham Grange
A brand new chapter in The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This time Holmes and Watson are investigating the case of the man who arrived home, after he died.
The Tweed Cap
Film star Roddy MacDowell stars as an Irish lad whose best friend refuses to remove his cap, no matter what the circumstance.


The 7:08

Dreams about trains and dead faceless passengers cause a young psychologist to wonder how much longer she has left to live. Featuring Northern Exposure star Peg Phillips.
The Executioner
Can "road rage" kill at long distance? Can a person be thought to death?


Harry Nile:
Harry and The Homework

Another chapter in The Adventures of Harry Nile, as a surveillance case turns sour for Harry Nile.
Side Effect
A medical doctor discovers a possible cure for migraines, but it also lets his wife read his mind. Is that good or bad?
Louis L’Amour Man Riding West
A man tired of life in the East, decides to make a life for himself in the rough and tumble American West.
The License Plate Caper
A new adventure of KINCAID, THE STRANGESEEKER! How can an SUV with two people in it simply turn a corner and completely vanish?
Incident At Moondown
A curator finds a mysterous sculptor whose works may be too life like.
Harry Nile:
Seeking Sarah Banks
Harry Nile is asked to locate a missing heir to a fortune.
The Widow's Secret
A weird story of an old woman who plants a tree in front of her garage to keep people out of it. Featuring Richard Sanders of WKRP in Cincinnati and Peg Phillips of Northern Exposure.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Edison Sender

Mycroft Holmes enlists the aid of Dr. Watson for some unusual undercover work.
The Time Zone
A visitor from the 1990's mistakenly lands isn the 1930's. Featuring Harry Anderson of Night Court and Dave's World.
Louis L’Amour: Law Of The Desert Born
After a man is gunned down in cold blood, the town sheriff enlists the aid of an experienced tracker. There's just one problem the tracker is in jail for cattle rustling.
Harry Nile:
Skip Trace
Harry Nile is asked by the widow of a sleazy P.I. to take up the case that may have cost her husband his life.
Three psychiatrists compare strange cases. Featuring John Aylward of "E.R."
You Should Live So Long
Simon Walker, a danger is my business type, is asked by an ex-nazi to help return some stolen art treasures before he is murdered. Featuring Cynthia(Lauren) Tewes of "The Love Boat"
The Silver Egg
A fantasy set in medieval times. A mysterious artifact hints at inter-planetary visitors


The Thirst Of The Blade

Kincaid, The Strange Seeker, thrills his audience with a report on a knife that belonged to Jack the Ripper. Featuring Russell Johnson.
A Message From The Other Side
A new bride fears she's under the spell of her dead husband.

Louis L’Amour:The Strong Shall Live

Travel back to the American West in the 1850’s, as a stranded man tries to survive alone in a vast desert wasteland.
Harry Nile:
The Case of The Fatal Fall
Who is trying to run a barnstorming air show off of a small country airfield? Harry Nile is hired to find out.
Bum Steer
Does a panhandler know something about planned secret merger? A worried CEO is desperate to find out.
The Impropriety of Anna Tisdale
A charming tale of English pluck, American commerce and ghosts.
And Presumed Dead
A new life is offered to a businessman who steps off a flight just before it takes off and crashes.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Billingsgate Horror

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are caught up in the investigation of series of brutal murders by beheading.
Night Tapes
A private detective must discover who is leaving threatening messages on a photographers answering machine and why.


Harry Nile:
The Counter Balance Case

Harry is asked to look for the source of a teenage boy’s sudden influx of cash. Featuring Golden Age Radio stars Parley Baer(Gunsmoke) Rhoda Williams (Father Know’s Best) and Tyler McVey (One Man’s Father).
The Gypsy
Is it possible for a painting to take revenge?

Louis L’Amour:The One For The Mojave Kid

Ride the rail with Riley McClain to the town of Henkley, TX, as he decides to pick up a gun and hunt down a brutal killer for the substantial reward.
The Wilmont Cache
Dick Beals, the voice of Speedy Alka-Seltzer for over fifty years, appears in this western tale of past treachery and fatal greed.
The Dowager
What evil lurks in the heart of a dead man’s limousine, and what harm can it do to the present owner? Featuring WKRP in Cincinnati star Richard Sanders
Harry Nile:
Dutcher’s Beat
An old friend and an unsolved murder makes for a combination that finds Harry Nile right in the middle..
Bellamy Bridge
A story of conflicting neighboring families who are joined by the love of a son of one for the daughter of the other, and an old covered bridge.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure Of The Lonely Harvester

A completely new episode in THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES! This time Holmes and Watson are called on to help Scotland Yard find a man who is abducting young girls….so he can see their feet?
Star Light, Star Bright
A spaceship lands on an old time farm and is discovered by a young girl who agrees not to tell anyone about the "Starman".

Louis L’Amour Theater:
The Town No Guns Could Tame

In an effort to keep it from folding, a small mining town decides to hire a marshal to rid the town of it’s rough crowd.
Harry Nile:
Miracle Mile
When a friend from his Los Angeles days asks Harry Nile to return to Southern California and help get him out of a jam, Seattle’s favorite P.I. hops the first plane out and flies straight into a mess he can do nothing to stop.
The Passenger
A mysterious traveler on a tramp steamer creates havoc in mid-ocean.
Star Crossed
Just how does someone go about stealing a comet from outer space?
When a convict returns home, he begins his plan to get even with the one he thinks gave him up to the police for the robbery that sent him to prison.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Strange Death OF Lady Sylvia Eichhorn

Another brand new chapter in THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES! On the return voyage home from America, after solving "The Secret of The Fives", Holmes and Watson encounter Philadelphia bankers, their class-concious wives, an aging cosmetic queen and death. Featuring Golden Age radio stars Dick Beals (Gunsmoke & Suspense) and Rhoda Williams (Father Knows Best & The Lux Radio Theatre).
The Bus To Buena Vista
Who are the riders on this strange bus? Where are they going, and why?

Louis L’Amour Theater:
Bowdrie Rides A Coyote Trail

Meet Chic Bowdrie, a Texas Ranger who finds a dead horseman who was shot in the back and left in the desert just outside a small Texas town.
Harry Nile:
A Key To Murder
The story of Harry Nile's very first case as a private investigator in Chicago.
The Perfect Man
A political party's search for the perfect candidate leads them to the perfect choice.....almost.
Power Failure
Two men are traped in an elevator during a thunderstorm, a clausterphobic U.S. Marshall and his handcuffed captive.
Fear Itself
Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Robert Schenkkan appears as the author of a string of best selling horror novels. When a group of fellow writers "gang up" on him, he becomes the victim of his own deep-rooted terrors.


Natural Causes

A new episode of KINCAID, THE STRANGE SEEKER! A coffee addicted computer whiz suddenly dies from "natural causes" shortly after he demonstrates his latest invention for the Strange Seeker.
The Pigeon
A dashing bachelor proposes to a prim school-teacher, but something doesn't seem quite right about it.


Harry Nile:
The Voice From The Lake

A wealthy Seattle matron gets a demand for money from her supposedly dead grandson. Harry Nile is hired to find out why a dead man would have a desperate need for cash.
An ambitious man quits his good job to take a higher paying position only to find out he's been turned down for the new job and cut off from going back to his old one.

Louis L’Amour Theater:
The Turkey Feather Riders

A New Mexico ranch owner brings his new girlfriend and her son to his ranch much to the surprise of all of the ranch hands. One ranch hand believes she is up to no good, but is she?
The Novel
What if you were a writer and everything you put to paper came true, what sort of temptations might you fall prey to? This is the dilemma that faces our author hero and his wife in this charming tale of wishful thinking.
Back Door To Hell
A preacher's son runs off to join the gang of real life outlaw Sam Basss. Featuring a bevy of GOLDEN AGE radio actors, Harry Bartell, Herb Ellis, Rhooda Williams, Larry Dobkin, Gil Stratton Jr. and Bob Hastings.
Harry Nile:
Harry And The Lost Art
Harry Nile is hired by an old man to pick up a package at the airport. Simple enough job right? That's what Harry thinks until someone give him a new crease in his skull and stelas the package.
Uncle John's Trouble
A kindly old man can accurately predict the future, so he's shown the same respect such seers have enjoyed throughout time...he's put in a mental institution.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Mystery Of The Patient Fisherman

A new chapter in THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. To prove his sanity, a businessman begs Holmes and Watson to prove the ghost of his dead partner isn't haunting him, although he sees the specter several times.....as does Watson.
The Goblin Factory
During his latest hunt for stories for his television show, Kincaid, the Strange Seeker, may have found an individual who can turn nightmares into reality.


What Makes Dogs Howl

A death in a New England village is preceded by the howl of a dog, but how does this dog know?
The Tide Pool
An ooziing alien life form steals the intelligence from a group of gifted children.

Louis L’Amour Theater:
Bowdrie Passes Through

Chic Bowdrie rides into the town of Mesquite, Texas, where he comes to the aid of a friend who was arrested for poisoning a prize horse.
Harry Nile:
The Verdict On Hannah Bayliss
Harry Nile uncovers a secret invilving a veteran superior court judge. Featuring 'Northern Exposure' star Peg Phillips.
The Weatherman
Is the ideal climate of a New England town the work of one man? Featuring Golden Age radio (My Little Margie) and film Actor(The Wild Ones) Gil Stratton Jr.
Writers Block
Kincaid The StrangeSeeker, digs up athe reason a foreign word has mysteriously appeared in the manuscripts of four struggling writers.
The Last Resort
There's a strange secret appeal about an obscure island paradise, there's never any crime.


Call Simon Walker:
Heaven Doesn't Take Plastic

A brand new episode of 'CALL SIMON WALKER'. This time Walker is hired to find out if a New Age cult is the reason a successful family owned business is headed for the dumpster. If it is, then he's to put a stop to it....any way he can.
The Payoff
A tough police sergeant is suspected of taking bribes from notorious wise guy.

Louis L’Amour Theater:
The Road To Casa Piedras

In the town of Sturgis, a posse is formed to track a cowardly killer when the stationmaster is gunned down in cold blood.
Harry Nile:
Beacon Hill
To Harry Nile it's an old story: a family spat, a long lost brother, a dying mother and a sister trying to make everything right. A mission of mercy, right? Maybe not.
The three former husbands of a dead movie star compare notes about her life....and death. Featuring Russell Johnson of 'Gilligan's Island' fame.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Wizard of Baker Street
Another new episode in THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. Holmes takes a decidedly active interest in the production of a new play about himself. Much to Dr. Watson's confusion and dismay, he thinks the piecee is dreadful. What could holmes be thinking about?
A Good Suit of Clothes
When Al Green dies, his friend Horowitz the tailor, makes him the most unusual burila suit anyone could wish for.


Harry Nile:

A Christmas season kidnapping pits Harry Nile against an adversary who seems to know his every move.
A Gift From Stacy
A bereaved couple takes in a young woman woho reminds them of their deceased daughter.


Flanagan's Legacy

Why does a poor Irishman suddenly start believing in leprechauns?
The Cure
What can a desperate wife do to break her husband's reading addiction?