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Louis L’Amour Theater:
McQueen of The Tumbling K
A ranch foreman tries to find out if a competing outfit is stealing his boss’s cattle from right under his nose
Harry Nile:
This Corpus Ain’t Habeas Anymore
There’s a body in the trunk…no there isn’t…yes there is…no there isn’t, because now there are two bodies and Harry Nile has to figure out where they came from. This episode introduces Larry Albert as the new voice of Harry Nile.
Captive Audience
An unemployed actor gets his big chance to audition for an important movie producer, however, first there’s a murder to solve.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Great Ansceni
Episode 57 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A new consulting detective has appeared on the scene prepared to give Holmes a run for his money and perhaps, much more.
A house triggers memories in a young woman of a life she never lived.
Kincaid, The
The Blinovitch Event
A brand new adventure of "Kincaid, the Strangeseeker." What has the appearance of the 21st President of the United States have to do with disappearing corpses, dinosaurs in the park and a highly caffeinated day care worker.
A Warm Night In Bunch County
A UFO expert checks out a small southern town’s claims of saucer sightings.
Harry Nile:
The Line Up
Harry Nile recalls a Los Angeles spring day in 1942 when he was arrested, booked in jail, escaped form jail and spilled taco juice on his new jacket.
The Beasts
Are the ghosts of dead cattle haunting and abandoned diary farm?
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Bowdrie Follows A Cold Trail
Are the ghosts of dead cattle haunting and abandoned diary farm?
Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure Of The Vampire's Kiss
Episode 58 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Not everything everyone is what or whom they seem to be as Holmes and Watson find out in this tale of blood and murder.
The Haircut
Is a desperate screenwriter willing to cross the line between begging and murder to get the money to make his movie. Featuring the star of "Night Court" and "Daves World" Harry Anderson.
Harry Nile:
The Mystery Of The Galena
A car wreck, an abandoned sloop and a missing man all add up to….what? That’s what Harry Nile has to figure out. Guest starring "Gilligan’s Island’s" , Russell Johnson
The Man Who Never Slept
A Pinkerton detective proves that the company’s motto "We Never Sleep" is more than just words in his pursuit of lawbreakers.
Raffles, The Gentleman Thief:
Gentleman And Players
Episode five of "Raffles the Gentleman Thief." It’s out to the countryside and a chance for Raffles to exhibit his prowess at cricket and catching a thief, other than himself.
The Last Thing Laura Said
A popular high school teacher is murdered, but she dies trying to leave the name of her killer
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Get Out Of Town
A newly released ex-con gets a second chance as a ranch hand from a mother and son team, much to the chagrin of the locals
Harry Nile:
The Scottie Scam
It’s been a slow month for Harry Nile Investigations and a dognapping case looks real good at the moment. Of course it could turn into something a good deal more.
Beacon 3699
What are the long distance charges when a dead couple start making phone calls to the man who killed them, their son.
Kincaid, The Strangeseeker:
The Day After Forever
A new story with Kincaid, The Strangeseeker that started 400 million years ago! This is a tale where a finder’s fee could be the destruction of the human race.
Blind Flight
You’re the pilot of a small private plane and you’ve suddenly had a heart attack. This leaves the landing of the craft to the only other person aboard, your young daughter, who’s blind.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Tragedy Of Saxon's Gate
Episode 59 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." It’s a familiar scene, the client bursts into 221B proclaiming his innocence, the police hot on his trail, but this time the outcome takes Holmes and Watson into a killer’s mad world.
Hard Drive
When the Jones, are the ones helping you keep up with them, what do you think the price of all that help might be?
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Riding For The Brand
A drifter left for dead in the Nevada desert assumes the identity of another to save and inherited ranch.
Raffles, The Gentleman Theif:
Le Premier Pas
Episode six of "Raffles, The Gentleman Thief." Bunny becomes a master thief when the story of Raffles’ first "job" is finally revealed..
The Rubberclock
In this tale of industrial espionage the spy is given the chance to meet himself, literally.
Harry Nile:
A Death At The King Neptune
Harry Nile finds that the old saying of "you can’t go home again" should have the tag "because if you do you’ll die.
Clear Channel
In 1952 a rube’s invention to combat television competition with radio backfires to a terrifying degree.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Winterbourne Phantom
Episode 60 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." How can a man be stabbed to death in the middle of an open snow field and the killer leave no footprints? Will this case be a defeat for Sherlock Holmes?
League Of The Lost
A series of sudden disappearances lead to a strange experiment in the hills of New England.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
The Sixth Shotgun
A no good rustler and robber awaits hanging in the Arizona Territory for a murder he didn’t commit.
Harry Nile:
Silent Witness
A young woman is murdered and Harry Nile’s phone number is found at the scene. Was she about to call him for help, was that why she was killed?
The Appointment
A dying man finds out he’s going to live. Good news, yes? Not for him, now he has to somehow stop the assassin he’s paid to put him out of his misery.
In The Tea Leaves
A light-hearted story of kidnapping, car chases, spiritualists and home invasion.
Mornin' Steve
Richard Sanders appears in this whimsical piece of role reversal.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure Of The Aldgate Noose
Episode 61 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." In the search for their clients missing brother, Holmes and Watson come up against a truly ruthless adversary.
The Last Of Simeon Buell
A silver miner in the old west is missing and suspicion of foul play falls on his partner.
The Hillary Caine Mysteries:
A Reputation For Murder
The Premiere episode of our new series "The Hilary Caine Mysteries" In her first outing, young Hilary Caine employs the methods of Sherlock Holmes and Ellery Queen to solve the murder of the local minister.
Old Acquaintance
A young actress is recruited by a secret intelligence agency to impersonate a foreign spy.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Man Riding West
A man tired of life in the East, decides to make a new life for himself in the rough and tumble American West.
Raffles, The Gentleman Theif:
A Long Night
Episode seven of "Raffles, The Gentleman Thief." His identity discovered, Raffles is forced to commit to a burglary or Bunny's life is forefit. Can he turn the tables, save his friend and still make a profit?
A Happy Medium
A stroy about a fake physic, a trusting older couple and an attempt ot contact the deat that proves nothing is always what it seems.
Harry Nile:
The Judge From Whiskey Dick
A new double length adventure of Harry Nile involving murder, a beautiful woman, a wronged wife and someone out to kill our boy. Guest starring Russell Johnson from televisions "Black Saddle" adn "Gilligans Island."
Sherlock Holmes:
The Star Of Tibet
Episode 62 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A case involving kidnapping and a jewel theft in America finds its way to Baker Street and the sitting room of Sherlock Holmes.
The Art Of Getting Even
When his boss steals his idea, an inventor plots a diabolical revenge.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
The Strong Shall Live
Travel back to the American West of the 1850's, as a stranded man tries to survive alone in a vast desert wasteland.
Harry Nile:
A Season For Killing
Hired by an old time comedian to find out who's been shooting holes in his apartment building: Harry Nile has to "almost" perform a good deed to solve the case.
Death On East 89th Street
Sometimes a place or an object is so loved that it takes on a life of its own and will do anything to survive, even kill.
Kincaid, The Strangeseeker:
A brand new adventure of Kincaid, The Strangeseeker. Suppose you get a phone call in the middle of the night and the voice on the other end threatens to kill you. Suppose you recognize that voice, and it's yours.
The Doomsday Clock
Last wills and testaments can be funny things, somethimes a relative can be left something really nice and sometimes the legacy can be something born in evil.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Singular Affair Of The Persian Diadem
Episode 63 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A first in the annals of American radio, Sherlock Holmes vs. Raffles, The Gentleman Thief; two masters, one crime, a single winner.
The Face Is Familiar
Is it another case of mistaken identity, or the final discovery of a killer.
The Hillary Caine Mysteries:
Blood Will Have Blood
Another chapter in "The Hilary Caine Mysteries" Hillary is tipped off to a murder that hasn't quite happened yet.
A dancer, a mind reader and a cabaret owner figure in a tale of psychic power and greed.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
One For The Mojave Kid
Ride the trail with Riley McClain to the town of Henkley, Texas as he decides to pick up a gun and hunt down a brutal killer.
Harry Nile:
A Bag Of Money
A son kidnapped, a ransom demand is made and the police are not to be called. Sound familiar? Sure, it is, until Harry Nile is brought into the case. Featuring: Golden Age of Radio and TV actresses Rosemary Rice (I Remember Mama & The Adventures of Archie Andrews) and Alice Backes (The Rifleman & Bewitched).
The New Catacomb
Adapted from a short story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes, this is a tale that plays to the darkest side of man’s nature.
Sherlock Holmes:
The First Mate's Jacket
Episode 64 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Watson aids a shipwrecked couple thereby involving Holmes in a battle of wits with cold-blooded evil.
The Clean Up Man
A mysterious stranger is killing off petty criminals in a small town.
Raffles, the Gentleman Thief:
Willful Murder
Episode 8 of "Raffles, the Gentleman Thief." Bunny thinks he knows his friend Raffles fairly well but the Gentleman Thief surprises him with a hitherto unknown side, one that shows a willingness to commit murder..
The Early Mr. Jenkins
An impatient spirit cuts into the lineup of those waiting to be born, and comes to Earth as a full-grown man.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
The Town No Guns Could Tame
In an effort to keep it from folding, a small mining town decides to hire a marshal to rid the place of its rough crowd
Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Crying Corpse
A brand new Harry Nile adventure. A man falls to his death from the 30th floor of his office building and Harry Nile receives a manuscript that tells all about it before it happens! Who wrote the book and sent it to Harry? Boris Karloff!
The Dutchman's Gold
Death on Superstition Mountain of Arizona is a common enough occurrence, survival of the fittest and all that. But when a woman says that a man who’d have to be almost two hundred years old murdered her husband on the mountain, the police find new meaning in the term "Cold Blooded Killer."
Sherlock Holmes:
The Paradol Chamber
Episode 65 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A little house breaking is not something that would usually interest Sherlock Holmes, until someone steals a seven by three foot table out of a room where all the doors and windows were bolted from the inside, and the table itself was valueless..
Mama Has A Gift
An English Psychic has the ability to predict the future and two grown children who'll suck her dry to make sure she keeps doing so.
The Curse Of Ozymandias
Dapper detective Freddie Darnborough and his valet Cecil return to Imagination Theater to prove whether or not the "Curse Of The Pharos Of Egypt" has claimed another victim among the well to do of 1920's society.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
The Road To Casa Piedras
In the town of Sturgis, a posse is formed to track down a cowardly killer, when the stationmaster is gunned down in cold blood.
Harry Nile:
The Nightmares Of Melinda Magee
A brand new Harry Nile Adventure. Harry’s new client has come to him with truly a strange request: she wants him to prove she committed a brutal murder.
A crooked employee thinks he is about to die, so he thinks this is the perfect time to spill his guts.
The Third Gate
The 500th Episode of Imagination Theater is a truly special show that will air one time only. Tune in to hear Harry Nile & Murphy, Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson, Raffles & Bunny, Hilary Caine & Michael Kincaid the Strangeseeker with Shelly & Biggie all apearing in one exciting adventure as written by Jim French and British writer M.J. Elliot. This will be one to remember.
Raffles, the Gentleman Thief:
A Diamond For The Dead
Episode 9 of "Raffles, The Gentleman Thief." In this tale of multiple deceptions, Raffles and Bunny resort to somewhat desperate measures requiring them to attempt a theft almost before the eyes of Inspector Mackenzie.
Saturday, It Rained
An escaped convict discovers that sometimes people chose to live by themselves for reasons that make it best to leave them alone.
They That Dwell In Dark Places
We all see things out of the corner of our eyes that aren’t really there, shadows that disappear into nothing when we look at them. But what if the didn’t vanish into the black, what if we actually could see them? What would they look like and what would they want.
Trailer Hitch
A short tale of "Let the buyer beware" and a death.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
A Ranger Rides To Town
A town stops a gang of bank robbers dead in their tracks, but did they catch all of them? .
Harry Nile:
A Scheduled Murder
Having lunch in a crowded restaurant with Harry Nile is no guarantee of an alibi for an Englishman arrested for murder.
Grandpa And The Queen Of Venus
A story about a grandfather who won’t let advanced age or the lack of other’s imagination pen him or slow him down.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Yellow Face
For the first time we present an adaptation of one of the original Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in a new series we call "The Classic Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." In this tale of marital trust and a mysterious disfigured face in the window, we begin a new chapter in our association with the world’s first consulting detective.
The Lieutenant
A strange experience on the high desert reveals a secret gone very wrong.
The Hilary Caine Mysteries:
The Motto Of The Seahawk
Episode three of "The Hilary Caine Mysteries." A missing persons case takes an ugly turn and Hilary is on the job for justice and a good write up in Tittle-Tattle Magazine.
The Procedure
A plastic surgeon is forced to operate on a patient under a non-death threat/ death threat. Confused? Think of how he feels. And where does Albert Einstein come into all of this?
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Too Tough To Brand
A rancher calls upon the Texas Rangers to find out why his foreman mysteriously disappeared on the way into town with teh ranch payroll.
Kincaid, The Strangeseeker:
A Terrible Beauty
A brand new adventure for Kincaid, The Strangeseeker. Kincaid investigates a supernatural story from the art world where teh saying "I'd die to own that" is taken literally.
The Novel
What if you were a writer and everything you put to paper came true, what sort of tempations might you fall prey to? This is the dilema that faces our author hero and his wife in this charming tale of wishful thinking.
The Signal Man
A new version of the famous Charles Dickens short story. This is a tale of apparitions and deadly premonitions.
A Blade Of Grass
Why is the sole survivor of a space disaster being kept from public view?
Harry Nile:
The Unexpected Gift
The 1959 Christmas season finds harry in a reflective mood about life, death and teh universe as well as trying to find the guy who's making haassing phone calls to his sister.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Case Of The Christmas Bauble
Episode 66 in "The further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". It's teh Holiday season of 1895 and Holmes and Watson are on the look out for a special present for Inspector Lestrade, the recovery of a stolen diamond.