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Louis L’Amour Theater:
A young woman travels to St. Louis to begin running her deceased father's ranch,
Harry Nile:
Body of Work
Harry Nile is on the trail of a mysterious thief who has taken vital records from the files of a dead academic.
The Bottom Line
When a conscientious auto-engineer in Detroit tells the company that their cars can produce a lethal gas, an executive is forced to make a difficult decision.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Diary Of Anthony Moltaire
The latest episode in "The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes." An old army comrade of Watson's seeks Holmes' aid in ridding himself of a blackmailer, even if it means murder.
A young woman helps and old man get to the next town when his old Cadillac breaks down in the Nevada desert. He's carrying a guitar case with the initials E.P. Does Elvis live or did he really "leave the building"? Featuring Dawn Wells of "Gilligan's Island" fame.
Not Another Ghost Story
Another new adventure of "Kincaid, The Strangeseeker". This is a ghost story with a twist. This time there is ample proof that spooks are haunting a viewer's home, but an unusual source wants to convince Kincaid to say otherwise.
Short Story
A jealous circus performer arranges the murder of the ringmaster.
Louis L’Amour: Case Closed, No Prisoners
After a $40,000 bank robbery, the sheriff of a small Texas town wires Austin for help from the Texas Rangers.
Harry Nile:
West For My Health
For the first time on national radio, here is the very first episode of "The Adventures Of Harry Nile". Harry, a luckless Chicago gumshoe with a gambling addiction, must go to Los Angeles and assassinate a competing gang boss or Harry's family will suffer. The time is New Years 1939/1940.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Singular Affair Of Madame Planchette
The newest case in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". This time the Great Detective takes on an adversary who appears to be receiving an unusual amount of assistance from the supernatural.
Last Chance
Lost in the desert,m on his last legs, a fleeing felon considers suicide. Until he encounters unlikely opposition. Featuring the Professor from "Gilligan's Island", Russell Johnson.


Nathan's Hands

A mild mannered bank employee suddenly finds his hands and his mind are being controlled by a dead bank robber. Featuring Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati".
Home Is The Hunter
A strange tale of a desperate attempt by Hitler to have FDR assassinated in Washington D.C.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Where Buzzards Fly
Chic Bowdrie wants to find out why the bodies of fourteen ruthless outlaws where found slain in the desert.
Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Hot Yacht
Harry Nile is hired to find a man who has to give up a ninety-foot yacht when his inheritance is overturned.
The Glory Hole
A soviet drilling team sinks the deepest hole ever drilled….a hole that goes much too deep.
How can a dead dentist, two complete strangers and spectral messages join together to make a….love story?
Gravtrak 449
A futuristic tale of a magnetically high-speed train that disappears.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Estonian Countess
Dr. Watson comes to the aid of Mycroft Holmes in the resurrection of a dead man, Sherlock Holmes.
A trusted employee blackmails a prominent businesswoman.
Harry Nile:
Target: Harry Nile
Harry Nile is nearly run down by a car driven by a dead man.
Full House
"The Maltese Falcon" meets "Arsenic and Old Lace" with a touch of "Seven Keys to Baldpate" thrown in for good measure. Starring Tom Smothers of The Smothers Brothers comedy duo.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
A Ranger Rides To Town
A town stops a gang of bank robbers dead in their tracks, but did they catch all of them?
Sherlock Holmes:
The Bardsley Triangle
The 36th new entry in THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES. Holmes and Watson become embroiled in a tale of buried treasure, a treasure map and a household where all is not as it appears.
Surgery At Gunpoint
A surgeon is forced to operate on a known gangster as his family is held hostage. Featuring"Golden Age of Radio" news commentator John B. Hughes.
Harry Nile:
Field Of Screams
Mysterious screams are driving possible buyers away from a pretty meadow, and Harry Nile has to find out whom, or what is responsible. Featuring film and television star Russell Johnson.
The Departed
Does the spirit of a recently deceased genius still inhabit his old home?
The passing of an old silent film actress and a misplaced piece of paper leads to some almost too clever legal maneuvering.
The Robin Hood Heist
A reformed pickpocket takes on one last job for a big payoff. Featuring film and television great, Keenan Wynn.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
McQueen Of The Tumbling K
A ranch foreman tries to find out if a competing outfit is stealing his boss’s cattle from right under his nose.
Harry Nile:
The Music Box Caper
A young singing truck driving country western hopeful and his wife hire Harry Nile to locate the "ornery critter" who swiped a box of the singer’s demo recordings form the back of his rig.
A sci-fi tale about a woman’s cloned double who wants to take over the original’s life
Sherlock Holmes:
The Strange Case Of Lord Halworth’s Kitchen
The 37th new adventure in the ‘Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’. An advancement in the world of medical science thrusts Holmes and Watson into a tale of murder and greed.
The Hermit Of Bottomless Lake
Two teenage boys venture onto a lake in a thunderstorm to investigate strange lights in a cave.
A man is rescued from the aftermath of an avalanche and wakes up in a hospital convinced that Ronald Reagan is still the President.
Side Trip
A young hitchhiker accepts a ride from and itinerant preacher who isn’t what he seems to be.
Louis L’Amour Bowdrie Follows A Cold Trail
Chic Bowdrie happens upon the skeleton of a man murdered sixteen years before, and vows to solve the case.
Harry Nile:
Harry Nile is hired to prove that a confessed murderer didn't commit the crime he says he did. Featuring film (Black Tuesday, Gun Brothers) and television (The Twilight Zone, Black Saddle) star Russel Johnson.
What Happens On Page Eleven
Back to the days of old time radio soap operas as the cast of "The Halloways" discovers the writer of the series is killing them off, one by one.
How is an old man in a parking lot able to predict, with complete accuracy, what type of hits a certain minor league baseball player is going to get in each game? Featuring Seattle Mariners broadcaster Rick Rizzs and "Gilligan's Island" star Russell Johnson.
Concerto For Charlie
A domineering aunt controls her nephew's life, until he makes a startling discovery.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure Of Voodoo Curse
Episode 38 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." From the depths of the Haitian jungle comes the latest foe for the great detective, the like of which he has never encountered before.
Dead Men
A psychiatry patient wants to know why he's still alive, since he is convinced he died ten years earlier.
Harry Nile:
The Twenty Dollar Trackdown
Or "When Harry Met Murphy." It's August 1941 and Harry meets the redhead with the photographic memory and an eye for Harry Nile, in a story about revenge.
Time Zone
A visitor from the 1990's mistakenly lands in the 1930's. Featuring "Night Court" and "Dave's World" star Harry Anderson.
Louis L’Amour: Too Tough To Brand
A rancher calls upon the Texas Rangers to find out why his foreman mysteriously desappeared on the way into town with the ranch payroll.

A new episode from the files of Kincaid, The Strangeseeker. A story from Kincaid's days as a tabloid reporter involving Newton's theory, a mad scientist and a fellow named Houdini.
Second Ending
What if you could get back an hour of your life to live over?
Harry Nile:
The Worthington Collection
A two million dollar art theft involves Harry Nile in the world of a 1950's style self-help guru.
The Helmet
A mysterious German Officer from World War II is part of a secret event during the war in Viet-Nam.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Mystery Of The Ten Pound
Episode 39 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Once again Holmes' older brother Mycroft seeks the younger man's aid in saving England; this time from complete financial ruin.
A Semi-Private Room
It's not always a good idea to look too deeply into the pas. Featuring film (Seven Brides For Seven Brothers) and TV (Three's Company, Maverick) actress Ruta Lee.
Louis L’Amour: Bill Carey Rides West
A career bank robber decides to do the right thing and help a family that is being harassed by a local gang.
Harry Nile:
Harry Goes Underground
A chain of mysterious robberies has Seattle baffled until Harry Nile uncovers a secret.
The Summer House
A family rents a house by the sea and discovers an unseen presence also lives there.
A Story of the last of the great American outlaws, John Dillinger, and his confrontation with a determined small town sheriff.
A mystrious maker of unusual masks helps a small time actor reach for the brass ring through murder.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure Of The Great American
Episode 40 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" A kidnapped wife and an offer that an American Publisher is certain Holmes won't refuse combine to present the wizard of Baker Street with a case worthy of his attention. Featuring "Golden Age Radi" star Harry Bartell.
Appearance Of Evil
A man feels obgligated to give a stranger a lift, but will he live to regret it?
Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Baffled Ballerina
Did a pair of high societ sisters run down and kill a diver in Lake Washington? Harry Nile has to know.
Incident At Crofton Wells
Two American women visit an English village in search of an ancient ancestor and discover a legacy of evil.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
McNelly Knows A Ranger
Chic Bowdrie is back and this time he's tracking down a man who has strangely disappeared from a small western town.
The Reluctant Vampire
In this new episode of KINCAID THE STRANGESEEKER, has Shelly finally met the man of her dreams? Or will he turn out to be someone from her nightmares? Featuring Richard Sanders from "WKRP in Cincinnati".
The Man Who Came Too Close
A crop duster's curiosity about a strange flying object opens a door he may not want to go through.
Harry Nile:
Twenty Grand
A special double length Harry Nile adventure. Could a one-of -a-kind car be a cause for crime and suicide? Looking for the truth, Harry picks up an interesting helpmate and faces a man with murder on his mind.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Amateur Mendicant Society
Episode 41 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A bedraggled youngman bursts into 221B Baker Street with a tale of wealthy panhandlers, imprisonment and strangling.
Hard Evidence
A blackmailer threatens to reveal a scandal in the life of a promising presidential candidate.
Louis L’Amour: Keep Travelin' Rider
After two years away, Tack Gentry returns to Sun Bonnet pass to find his uncle dead and his ranch taken over by a gang of roughnecks
Harry Nile:
Iron Dust
In this episode Harry Nile uncovers the most bizarre case of attempted murder he’s ever come across.
Scorpio Rising
An escaped killer holds a sick old man and his daughter hostage.
The Dobsky Engine
Combine Kincaid, the Strangeseeker with the FBI, a miraculous cold war invention and a possible alien from a UFO and what do you have? A very good reason to stay close to your radio.
The Captain
Star Wars fans, Trekkers and all others who wish your favorite fantasy worlds were real, an old adage is the heart of the show, "Be careful what you wish for , you may get it."
Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure Of The Tontine
Episode 42 in "The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes." The Great Detective committed to a mad house? Yes, and Watson is his only hope of escape. But the good Doctor hasn’t any idea of where his friend is.
The Door Of Lotim
Once again we visit the tombs of ancient Egypt and the curse of the pharaohs.
Louis L'Amour:
A Job For A Ranger
An innocent man is killed during a bank robbery and it's Chic Bowdrie's task to find out who did it.
Harry Nile:
Don't Be A Stranger
In this episode Harry Nile transports an escaped prisoner back to North Dakota with dangerous results.
The Tide Pool
An oozing alien life form is out to steal the intelligence of a group of gifted children.
Family Ties
The relatives are coming for a visit, only are you certain that's what they really are?
The Trophy
On his latest safari a big game hunter bags a lot more than he bargained for. Featuring 'WKRP in Cincinnati' stars Richard Sanders and Gary Sandy.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Goldolphin Arabian
Episode 43 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" A wealthy man's racehorses are being stabbed and slashed. In order to stop this cruelty Holmes must first find the motive behind the attacks.
The Flaw
A sucessful screenwriter wants to leave his alcoholic wife, but he can't. Why? Because she's the one who's secretly been fixing his deeply flawed scripts. Featuring 'Hogan's Heroes' star Bob Crane.
Harry Nile:
The Hour Of My Death

While Harry Nile investigates a counterfeit record scam, a lovely psychic warns him he is about to die.

The Projectionist
A brash teenage theatre usher discovers the unearthly truth about teh man who projects the films in a small town movie house.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Down The Pogonip Trail
A poor farmer gets an unwanted houseguest with a questionable past.
Graveyard Trail
Deadwood, Dakota Territory 1876, not a place for a woman alone: especially not a young woman with a dangerously active imagination. Featuring Cynthia Geary of "Northern Exposure".
Anything The Mind Can Concieve
Care to make a deal with the Devil? Our hero did and he had the time of his…short life.
Harry Nile:
Sticky Fingers
Harry Nile gets Santa Claus to help put an end to a Seattle department stores shop lifting problem.
Stranger At The Door
A young couple’s marriage is threatened by the death of their infant son. An unexpected caller on Christmas Eve may or may not be the answer.
Sherlock Holmes:
The Living Weapon
Episode 44 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." A brazen murder on the very steps of 221B Baker Street threatens to drive a wedge between Holmes and Watson.
The grass is always greener in the other fellow’s lawn, maybe. Two men go to a lot of trouble to find out. Featuring Harry Anderson of "Night Court" and Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati".