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Louis L’Amour Theater:
Merrano Of The Dry Country
A heart warming tale of courage and honor set on teh southwest plains of New Mexico.
Harry Nile:
The Gooey Duck Caper
Harry Nile's lawyer friend form his L.A. days, Marvin Asher, is in big trouble. He's teh only one who could have killed the captain of a fishing boat.
Two lost travelers stumble upon a shelter for misfits, both animal.....and human.
The Demo
Door to door selling is tough enough with bad weather, foul tempered dogs and the desperate need to make a sale. With all that does it really need to be dangerous too?
The Bouganville Giant
Is it science gone mad or just a freak of nature? What is the truth behind the terror of a south sea island that tortures is victims by touch?
Sherlock Holmes:
The Blackmailer Of Lancaster Gate
Episode 45 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." The redoubtable Mrs. Hudson gets the Baker Street duo involved in a tale of blackmail, murder and the Napoleon of crime.
Storybook Inn
Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell teh fear of a young couple on their honeymoon after the meet a weird old woman and her nursery rhyme world. Featuring Cynthia Geary of "Northern Exposure" and Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati."
Louis L’Amour: Black Rock Coffin Makers
A stranger wanders into the town of Black Rock and is mistaken for another man. A marked man.
Harry Nile:
A Number Of Friends
Ripped from the headlines, well at least the headlines of 1954. Harry Nile goes underground to try and solve a crime that actually happened in Seattle in the fifties.
A Betting Man


A compulsive gambler crosses the line when he wagers the unthinkable, his daughter.


A Fly On The Wall

Even on vacation Michael Kincaid, The Strangeseeker, can't avoid attracting the unusual. This time it's a listening device that really "bugs" him. Featuring Richard Saunders of "WKRP in Cincinnati"

Ulterior Motive
Every major crime attracts any number of sad people who confess to it. But what if one these criminal wannabes actually did break the law, would anybody believe it?


Sherlock Holmes: The Problem Of Pennington Flash

Episode 46 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". A murder has been committed, and what are the clues? There's too much blood, a knife with paint on it and the fact that no one could have done it. A pretty puzzle for Sherlock Holmes.
Game Of Chance
A Cold War tale of espionage and a beautiful woman
Harry Nile:
Murphy: Wanted For Murder
Harry Nile's friend and associate Murphy is accused of murdering an old woman in a nursing home.
Surgery At Sundown Tavern
A visiting English doctor seems to be teh answer to a small town's prayers. It all appears too good to be true.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Law Of The Desert Born
A jailed cattle rustler’s expertise is called upon to track down a killer. Will he run at the first chance of freedom?
A new story from Kincaid, the Strangeseeker. What do Abe Lincoln, The Emancipation Proclamation and a good beat have in common with the staffers of the Investigative Channel? Featuring Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati"
The Gate Keeper


A hidden chamber in an old variety theatre, scheduled for destruction, is revealed during an earthquake. Is this where we find out what really killed vaudeville? Featuring "Golden Age" radio actors Herb Ellis(Dragnet) Parley Baer(Gunsmoke) and Dick(Speedy Alka-Seltzer) Beals.


Harry Nile:
The Handshake

This new Harry Nile Adventure finds our boy involved in a real estate deal that has all the earmarks of a….well he can’t quite figure it out. Featuring Seattle Mariners announcer, Dave Neihaus.

Building B-2000
What’s the secret housed in an underground hangar at a lonely military installation in the desert?


Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure Of The Forgotten Throne

Episode 47 in "The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes." This time their client literally falls at the feet of Holmes and Watson as they investigate the lost afternoon of a beautiful woman.
Ginza Express
The story of an unsolved murder comes to a head many years and an ocean away from its beginnings.
Louis L’Amour Theater:
Grub Line Rider
A cowhand plans to homestead some unclaimed land. He doesn’t know that a local rancher and gunfighter have an unspoken claim on the land.
Harry Nile:
The Dollar Value Of Death
Harry Nile returns to Loa Angeles in search of a crooked lawyer. Guest starring Russell Johnson of ‘Gilligan’s Island.’


A wealthy Texan has a six hundred-year-old English manor house moved to his Dallas estate, but he doesn’t know all of the details included in the deal.


Mr. Abbadon's Pyramid

A brand new episode of Kincaid, The Strangeseeker. What’s the price you’d be willing to pay to return a loved one from the dead? And whom do you pay it to?

Chet Avery's Lot
Broadway (Shenandoah, 1776) and television (Northern Exposure) star John Cullum guest stars as the owner of a space junk lot who has his own "close encounter" with a mysterious stranger.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Speaking Machine

Episode 48 in "The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes." Death prowls the midway as Holmes and Watson attend the carnival in hopes of exposing the charlatan.
Mayday Signal
You’re an airline pilot flying a big 747, suddenly you hear a distress call in your headphones, and you hear it plain as day. Then you notice…. your headphones aren’t plugged in.
Louis L’Amour: Booty For A Bad Man
A down on his luck miner is selected to take a group of ther miner's claims to town. The only catch is he has to travel through bandit filled mountains.
Harry Nile:
Wirde For Murder
A blind woman overhears her stepson plotting her murder, but until he makes a move the police can't help her. So who you gonna call, Harry Nile of course.
Welcome To Utopia


A stressed out city dweller moves lock, stock and wife to a remote island where there's no crime. A perfect setup right? Listen and find out.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Adventure Of The Serpent's Tooth

Episode 49 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." What looks like a straight case of embezzlement suddenly takes a dark turn much to the surprise of Sherlock Holmes.

The Fall Of The Year
Who murdered the movie producer and who is going to be next?


Valley Cab's Last Faire

A small cab company may be in need of new drivers after Death calls for a pickup.
The Exiles
A tense drama about free speech, punishment and the size of the universe.
Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Spectral Wife
Harry Nile sets out to capture a "ghost." Featuring "The Strangeseeker" stars Terry Rose and Kathryn Shield.
The Invitation
A ruthless businessman reaps what he has sown at a dinner in his honor.
Louis L’Amour: Four Card Draw
A tale of gambling, murder & intrigue, when a slick gambler wins a deed to a ranch in a card game on an impossible hand. What will he do with the beautiful Arizona Territory land.
Fine Print
A story that proves the adage "if something is too good to be true, there's always a catch and it could be fatal."
Along A Dark Road


What's the danger of time traveling to teh past, changing the future. But what if yesteryear is no twhat it should be?


Harry Nile:
The Rickman Matter

A mother's desperate plea for "free" help sends Harry nile down to Juvenile-Hall to prove he obnoxious son didn't bash in a sleepin gwoman's brains. Featuring Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Robert Schennkan.

Conning two elderly gentlemen out of their money turns out to be a bit harder then you might think.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Dreadnaught Papers

Episode 50 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." What mastermind plotted and carried out the theft of the plans for England's newest weapon of war?
The Vilkman Theory
A scientist believes that werewolves exist and he is sure he is about to find one. But has he really thought this through?
Louis L’Amour: Bowdrie Rides A Coyote Trail
Our favorite Texas Ranger, Chic Bowdrie, returns to find a dead horseman just outside a small desert town in Texas
Harry Nile:
Tony Macaroni Owes Me $600
A new story from Harry’s days as a LA P.I. It seems he has a client who’d rather die than pay Harry what he owes him?


Five hundred channels and a clear picture is nothing when you have a TV set that receives programming from the future.


Raffles, The Gentleman Thief:
The Ides Of March

The first episode in our new series "Raffles, The Gentleman Thief" & adapted from the original stories by the brother-in-law of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, E.W. Hornung.

Have you ever said to yourself how much your days all seem the same? Well what if you woke up one morning and found that’s exactly the way it is.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Covetous Huntsman

Episode 51 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Holmes and Watson take on a case that has all of the earmarks of murder for revenge.
Amazon House
Marry in haste, repent in leisure. Marry some who wants your money and spend the rest of your life watching your back.
Louis L’Amour: The Turkey Feather Riders
A ranch owner brings his new girlfriend & her son to his spread much to the surprise of all of the ranch hands, one of whom believes she is up to no good, but is she?
Harry Nile:
The Fifth Letter
Never Judge a book by its cover or a client by his bank balance. Harry learns this hard truth as he investigates a case of blackmail. Featuring Golden Age Radio and film stars Jean Roverol , James Lydon along with TV and film star Alice Backes.


There’s an old wives tale that says if you are falling from a great height in a dream and you hit the ground you’ll die in real life. A skydiver has a reoccurring dream that his chute won’t open and each time he does he gets closer and closer to finding out if the legend is true.


Raffles, The Gentleman Thief:
A Costume Piece

The second episode in our new series "Raffles, the Gentleman Thief." South African diamonds are the cheese in this story and Raffles is the hungry mouse. This time the tough cat guarding the jewels has his heart set on crushing our "mouse"…. forever. Featuring John Patrick (Sherlock Holmes) Lowrie

Life Like A Fair
Award winning writer Sandra Cropsy makes her Imagination Theater debut with a script that explores the lonely desperation of a social outsider and what lengths he will go to protect those he loves. Guest starring Pat French and Terry Rose.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Master Craftsman

Episode 52 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Holmes and Watson are asked to discover how a young woman was murdered in a room in which she was alone and all of the doors and windows bolted?
The Offering Of The Gulls
An American expatriate gets involved in a tale of Spanish Gold, an old Mexican Padre and the sea gulls that lead one of them to his death.
Harry Nile:
Model 386-A
Harry Nile is hired to keep two angry fiancées of the same man from doing the two-timer in.
The Transformer
A little boy’s trust in his father is shaken by a bullying older cousin an leads to unforeseen events.
Louis L’Amour: Bowdrie Passes Through
In the town of Mesquite, Texas Ranger Chic Bowdrie comes to the aid of an old friend who has been arrested for poisoning a prize horse.
January Cove
What have the mob, missing loot, the ghost of a dead gangster and parking meters to do with attracting tourists to a rather odd little New England town?
The Franklin Phantom


Suspicion follows a horror novelist into a respectable retirement home.


Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Interstate Stalker

A brand new double length episode in "The Adventures Of Harry Nile." Harry plays a dangerous game when he comes to the aid of his sister Angie as she tries to outrun the unwanted attentions of a madman.



Sherlock Holmes:
The Margate Deception

Episode53 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Holmes turns a case down as being beneath his talents with tragic results.
The Outlaw At Emmet's Cafe
The Owner of a small town café decides to become a hero when 1930’s outlaw "Pretty Boy " Floyd walks into his place.
Louis L’Amour: Lonigan
A young woman travels to St. Louis to begin running her deceased father’s ranch.
Harry Nile:
The Case Of The Ten-Story Tombstone
Here’s a Harry Nile about a bus ride, a dead guy named "Apple Nose" and $4000 in blood soaked bills. Some guys have all the luck.
Permanent Wave
A story about a beauty parlor that caters to both women and men. Oh yes, and on this occasion an escaped convict
Sherlock Holmes:
The Head Of Jean Malreaux

Episode 54 in "The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes." The Great Detective and his Boswell are ready to do battle with the supernatural in this adventure of revenge from the grave.

The Squeeze
When an underworld leader calls in a loan from a car dealer, the louse sets up his innocent partner to settle the debt… by dying. Featuring 1940’s & 50’s film favorite (The Miracle At Morgan’s Creek & Summer Stock) Eddie Bracken.



What middle-aged person do you know who wouldn’t want to get back twenty years. Well in this story the years come back but with a really bad attitude. In fact, they could just kill
Extreme Prejudice
A president’s past catches up with him and it could mean murder. Guest starring Russell Johnson, the Professor form "Gilliagan’s Island"
Raffles, The Gentleman Thief:
A Gift From The Gods
The third episode in our new series "Raffles, the Gentleman Thief." An American heiress’ jewels are our "hero’s" new target as well as, perhaps, the lady herself. Will a pretty face be the undoing of Inspector Mackenzie’s favorite quarry?.
The Gadget
Phil (Harry Nile) Harper stars as a down in the mouth salesman who couldn’t sell a life jacket to a drowning man, until he buys "The Box."
Louis L’Amour: Case Closed, No Prisoners
After a $40,000 bank robbery, the sheriff of a small Texas town wires Austin for help from the Texas Rangers.
The Hollow Men
Or "The Frankenstein Syndrome" a brand new double length adventure from the files of Kincaid, The Strangeseeker. This story proves that "man should not meddle in things he was not meant to know."
Harry Nile:
The Mobius Matter

A Tribute To Phil Harper.
Harry Nile gets one for the books. A husband and wife each think one is trying to kill the other and both hire our boy to prove it. Featuring Richard Sanders of "WKRP in Cincinnati".

And Presumed Dead
A new life is offered to a businessman who steps off a flight just before it takes off and crashes. Featuring Phil Harper.


Sherlock Holmes:
The Ripper Inheritance

Episode 55 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." In this special double length story, Holmes and Watson race against time to stop an insane killer who takes the fingers of his victim’s right hand as souvenirs.
Louis L’Amour: Where Buzzards Fly
Chic Bowdrie wants to find out why fourteen outlaws were slain in the desert.
Raffles, The Gentleman Thief:
Out Of Paradise
Episode four of "Raffles, the Gentlemen Thief." Can a man be a good friend and something of a villain at the same time and what the cost to anyone who trusts him? Featuring Cynthia Lauren Tewes, "Julie of The Love Boat."
The 7:08


Dreams about trains and dead faceless passengers cause a young psychologist to wonder how much longer she has left to live. Featuring Northern Exposure star Peg Phillips.


Harry Nile:
Favor For A Friend
Harry Nile helps unload a coffin from a train and finds out that sometimes the "dead" can be a bigger headache than the living. Featuring "Golden Age" radio greats Hans Conreid and Jerry Hauser
Harry Nile:
The Mary Christmas Caper

Harry Nile helps a woman who finds herself alive on Christmas Eve, But with no memory of who she is or how she ended up in a stolen car.



Sherlock Holmes:
The Bonesteel Covenant

Episode 56 in "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes." Holmes and Watson rush to the aid of a former client’s wife to discover what could have possibly driven her husband to take the most drastic and dramatic actions of his life.
The Great God Donald
Richard sanders and Peg Phillips join together in a weird tale about the power of one man’s will over the past.